Successful businesses are built on brilliant user experiences

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We design awesome user experiences because…

Life is too short for crappy UX!

Here at Idean, we know how to turn your idea or current product into something awesome and easy-to-use. We make technology meaningful for ordinary people.

What we do

User Insight

Our foundation is based on getting inside the head of the user. We research end-users from bright on-site retail environments and office settings, to dark mines far beneath the ground. On-site observation is done in order to capture true insights, BEFORE we start designing. In this way we are able to combine emotion and facts into one single brilliant design.

UX Concept & Strategy

Creating a concept and a strategy for your product or service is an essential step towards the perfect solution. Here is where we brainstorm, co-create, conceptualize, disagree (and agree), challenge everything and always ask the most important question: Why? As a result you’ll get a clear understanding of how a new service, an app or a solution will behave and why it sells like crazy.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design is the most important phase as it is here that we design the ease-of-use. In this step, we get into the details of the logic behind your product. We design every single screen and flow in a usable, exciting and just-plain-makes-sense way. Seamless flows maximize the usage and revenues of your product. Also, this phase is where we make sure that what ever we do, it is feasible for implementation. Your brand is more than design; it is how your customer communicates with your product.

Visual Design

Everyone loves beauty. Our visual designers are not only drawing jaw-dropping graphics but they will also take into account how usability can be enhanced. Along with this, they will formulate what kind of visual language your product will speak to its users. We then apply your current visual brand elements into the design or create one from scratch. We make sure that you will say WOW when you see our creation.

UI Development

The best part of our everyday life is when we can participate in the shipping of the product. We have a truly unique UI development team that takes everything we have created and turns it into a fully working product or prototype. Our specialty is frontend development and we are fluent with every modern technology: HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, plus of course native iOS and Android, just to name a few. Our designers obviously work closely with the UI developers to secure lean and agile design principles.


Company Facts

Idean is a global design firm that works with the world’s leading companies, helping them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers, through truly enchanting and elegant experiences. The design firm which was founded in Finland in 1999 already works with a number of global brands including IBM, Volkswagen, Samsung, John Deere and Sony and has built a strong reputation across Europe, Asia and North America.

With a team of more than 150 designers, technologists and strategists, Idean is based in Palo Alto, California, with studios and bureaus in Austin, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, San Francisco and Helsinki & Tampere, Finland.

150+ professionals
200+ projects/year
2000+ UI's delivered
15+ years
30+ countries covered
1 vision


Risto Lähdesmäki
Chief Executive Officer
Ville Kurki
Chief Operating Officer
Jesse Maula
Chief Design Officer
Hans Parvikoski
Chief Financial Officer
Jan Luukkonen
Chief Strategy Officer

Good UI is priceless, bad UI is worthless.

Our Secret Recipe to Success

The Idean Tree

Our work is about extremely experienced artists working passionately on what they believe in. Mostly it is made of the combination of pure talent and the rock-solid process we have created. One of our cornerstones is to understand your customers’ challenges, pains and needs before we design or implement anything.

We have a pack of methods, like everybody else. But unlike everyone else we are experienced in using those methods and tools. You are not going to pay us to learn how to do our job, you are going to pay for the awesome user experience which translates your business into a dialogue with your customers. It’s like building a house – everyone has the same materials and tools, but only few come up with truly iconic landmarks.

Combining user understanding, strategy and design is a surprisingly hard discipline to execute properly. But when done right, it is like magic.