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User Insight

The starting point and foundation of our process is user research. We discover the user’s motivations, wants, and needs; drawing out insights in order to understand how we can design the most engaging and rewarding user experience. Our holistic approach to design thinking has taken us all over the place—bright retail environments, cramped cubicles in giant call centers, dark mines beneath the ground—observing users in the context of their environment before we start designing. We think it’s pretty simple: the business that provides the best experience for their users, wins. That’s why helping you understand your users (and potential users) better than anyone else is our first step.

UX Concept & Strategy

Formulating the right concept and strategy is the essential spark that will drive the success of your product or service. This is where we brainstorm, co-create, conceptualize, challenge assumptions and conventions, and ask the often overlooked question: “Why?” The result is a clear understanding of your product’s position in the market, how users will interact with it, and a game plan for how to make that interaction as valuable as possible for your business.

Interaction Design

Interaction Design is the tangible output—informed by our research, conceptualization and strategy—that will define how users are interacting with your brand. We design every single screen and flow to maximize ease of use, engagement, benefit to the user, and revenue for your product. We’ll never design something you can’t use or that doesn’t scale. We make sure that whatever we design can be feasibly implemented using tools and methods like prototyping, user validation and product ecosystem studies.

Visual Design

Visual design isn’t just about making something beautiful. It can and should directly impact the usability of your product. Our visual designers specialize in elegant product design, branding, and visual language development. Regardless of the level of design help you need—from a total rebrand to applying existing style guidelines to a new or existing product—our visual designs will add value for your product and work seamlessly with the interaction design for a truly captivating user experience.

UI Development

Great development is just as essential to a product as design. Our UI development team specializes in bringing our designs to life for your users. Using principles of agile and user-driven development, our developers work closely with the design team to ensure a world class user experience every time. Whether the platform is iOS, Android, or web (HTML/CSS/JS), we’ll get your product shipped. Heck, shipping products is the best part of our day.

About Idean

Idean is a global design firm specializing in user experience and service design. We work with the world’s leading companies, helping them to create long-lasting relationships with their customers through truly enchanting and elegant experiences. Founded in Finland in 1999, Idean has built a strong reputation across Europe, Asia, and North American and works with a number of global brands including IBM, Volkswagen, LG, GoPro, and AT&T.

With a team of more than 170 designers, technologists and strategists, Idean is based in Palo Alto, California, with studios and bureaus in Austin, Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, San Francisco, Berlin, and Helsinki.

170+ professionals
200+ projects/year
2000+ UI's delivered
15+ years
30+ countries covered
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Chief Operating Officer
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