Dovre Group’s new web service facilitates large project industry job-hunting

January 31, 2013

Press releases

Idean redesigned the web service. The focus was on making the service especially attractive to large-project industry personnel i.e. specialized engineers and project managers, who are extremely sought after. The responsive site now has “job cards” that provide more information about the jobs rather than just the general specifications. For example, there is a map showing where each position is located. Different disciplines are also illustrated with descriptive icons, bringing color and a new look to the service.

Dovre Group’s Mikko Marsio is very pleased with the new website:  “Our user experience is now aligned with the thinking that we are understood as an advanced player in our field of operations. Compared to competitors our website is now fresh and easier to understand and use. Thanks to its responsive design, the user experience is now great on mobiles as well. ”

Idean’s Art Director Petri Heiskanen comments on the project: “Our goal was to give the service a new angle by using the existing data in a unique way.  We are very proud of the service’s beautiful icons and graphical design. Also, this time the responsive design really provided a solution to an existing need, as the service is often used in remote areas such as oil platforms and on mobile or tablet devices rather than on computer screens.”

Dovre Group is a global provider of project management services for major investment projects. The corporation consists of three divisions: Project Personnel, Consulting, and Safran Software.

More information:

Jesse Maula, CEO, Idean, jesse.maula(at)
Petri Heiskanen, AD, Idean, petri.heiskanen(at)