QuickTip: Adobe Kuler

July 15, 2013

Chatter Trends

Several weeks back, our very own Bruce Mai attended AIGA‘s leadership summit in Philadelphia and came back with neat little app: Adobe Kuler. Yes, it’s the mobile version of the site we’ve all used to reference Hex #s and gather inspiration for the next logo. This time, though, it’s packaged in mobile form and designed with a combination of delight and practicality.

The startup screen is deceptively simple with the standard instructional overlay treatment. The fun begins almost immediately after you dismiss the tutorial. With the camera on, dots of color float across the screen, picking up the colors from whatever is in front of you. The recommended palette of 5 complementary colors is always perfect and you can easily save the suggestion by tapping the screen.

Below are some screen shots from our test trial.


We’re pretty pleased with the app and the integration with Adobe is a bonus. Bruce adds that this allows him to easily use the color palettes while doing work in Illustrator.

The one thing we wish we could do is capture the photo the palette is chosen from, to reference and change at a later point. As Bruce pointed out, “…just in case I wanted to recall where I got my theme inspiration from or to adjust the color palette.”

That said, I can already see myself using this in a number of scenarios, including choosing my next palette for the living room.

Have you used the app? What’s your verdict? Drop a comment on our Facebook page and let us know your thoughts!

Sally Limb
UX Designer
Idean, Palo Alto