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The power of design capabilities

Over the past 20 years, we’ve learned a few things about designing products, services, and customer experiences that people love. With our published books and our Design Academy curriculum, you can learn about the power of design leadership and access the best ways to start utilizing these capabilities in your organization, right away.

Our brand new book

Hack the design system

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A design system aligns an organization around creating awesome experiences. It’s a living set of tools, practices, and guidelines that enables you to deliver consistent experiences and brand messaging at scale and over time. We partnered with Adobe to bring you a new book that explores fresh perspectives on designing and implementing design systems in large organizations.

Put together by Idean’s design system experts, the book brings together their rich and diverse experience in creating design systems for global companies. Backed by industry research, best practices, and real-world challenges, the book gathers insights from over 20 design leaders from companies such as AT&T, Dell, Airbnb, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft.

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The idea of the design system is to have a consistent way to present our experiences to our customers.Shawn CherisDirector of Experience Design, Design Systems at Adobe

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Design thinking is dead. Long live design thinking


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In 2017, design-led organizations outperformed other businesses by an average of 211%. This astonishing figure underscores the power of design thinking to boost an organization’s ability to work smarter and deliver faster.

This book is an introduction to the philosophy, framework, and tools necessary to start practicing design thinking in your business. Put together by the expert designers and strategists at Idean, it’s the result of decades of experience and thousands of successes and failures.

The book includes a collection of collaborative, problem-solving design thinking exercises – selected for their flexibility and adaptability to a range of businesses. From the book, you can select the activities that are best suited for your team, and you start practicing design thinking right away.

More information at idean.com/designthinking

Idean Design Academy – Training and Curriculum

At Idean Design Academy, our goal is to create a dialogue about the transformative power of design leadership tools by sharing the knowledge, expertise, and practices we’ve established over the last 20 years as a user research and experience design agency. Our approach to design helps people and businesses learn new ways of problem-solving, empowers them with leadership methods and life skills, and establishes compassion for better customer experiences.

  • Design Thinking Academy

    This workshop teaches practical methods of design thinking for anyone to create a company-wide understanding and a scalable framework around it.

  • Empathy Academy

    This workshop provides an immersive look at empathy as a skill to future-proof your company through better customer understanding.

  • Digital Kids Academy

    This toolkit enables kids to come up with creative solutions about Planet Centric Design, using design thinking methods.

Design Thinking Academy

A 2-day leadership workshop for solving business challenges

Design has become a powerful and strategic tool to build a bolder future and transform your business. Design leadership tools and techniques – empowered by design thinking – help all parts of your company communicate and align, and create new products faster. Design teams help to reframe problems and solve business challenges in dialogue with others.

Too often, though, there is a disconnect between design and other business units. This workshop teaches practical methods for you to create a company-wide understanding and a scalable framework so all teams are equipped to design better products together. You’ll join the leaders across industries to grapple with real-life design leadership challenges and hear from industry experts. Together, we’ll dive into collaborative activities, focused discussions, and courageous explorations of the path of Design Leadership.

  • An inspiring environment

  • Learn new methods

  • A graduation certificate

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Empathy Academy

1 or 2-day leadership workshop to strengthen customer experiences

Cognitive empathy is the number one driver that creates resilient, innovative companies that capture and retain loyal customers in today’s market. We love to share great ideas and have developed this workshop to give you a fast-paced and exciting deep dive into our all-time favorite secret weapon.

Our Empathy Academy is an immersive look at empathy as a skill – how to future-proof your company through empathetic strategies, how to create a culture of empathy, and how to develop it at a personal level. This course is designed for leaders who are familiar with design thinking methodologies and are looking for a deep dive into advanced empathy skills training.

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Digital Kids Academy

A toolkit to unleash kids’ creativity

Creative thinking and problem solving are priceless qualities which nowadays everyone should develop. At a young age, children have an abundance of creativity and imagination with not a lot of social and cultural boundaries. Therefore, their ideas flow freely and limitlessly. It is important to honour imagination and nurture creativity in children.

Design thinking and the process of creating a design inspires and nurtures creative thinking and a free-flow of ideas. It’s important to develop these skills from a young age. This is where the Design for the Planet toolkit comes in handy. You can lead an at-home or online workshop with your child, group of children or students to teach them about design, sustainability, and furthermore learn from their limitless ideas.

More information at idean.com/micro/digital-kids-academy