The Madrid studio is a newcomer to Idean, although it’s a team that has been leading strategic design and user experience projects for more than 15 years in all sectors: banking, insurance, retail, transport… Although all the components together add more than 200 years of experience, we are a transgressive and non-conformist team that wants to mark a before and after in terms of strategic design to make the world a cooler place.

The team is formed of more than 20 designers specialized in service design, design thinking, visual thinking, user experience, visual design, illustration and animation. In addition to these projects, we use design methodologies to help our clients innovate, transform and make decisions.

Idean Madrid is in the Oxxeo building in the district of Las Tablas, in the north of Madrid, a few minutes from the mountains and the city center, which allows us to pick up inspiration from very different spaces. It is a new concept of sustainable building, which has the first Capgemini AIE in Spain, a space for innovation to happen.


darts shot


different ramen tasted


chatbot named Vicky

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