Idean’s Philly studio is a team of designers, researchers, program managers, and content strategists who live to uncover people’s needs, motivations, and behaviors to improve our clients’ processes, services, or products. With far-ranging backgrounds from psychology professor to wayfinding designer to human factors engineer for NASA, our unifying element is a genuine commitment to improving the lives of people, from the big stuff like improving healthcare to the little stuff like placing a button in the right place.

The studio is located on the west side of the Curtis Center, a building built by Cyrus Curtis in 1910 and made famous by its publishing history. Our open workspace is lined with windows that look out onto Jewelers’ Row, the oldest diamond district in the US, and one of the best-preserved blocks in the city. Spoiled by green space and history, we are also located across the street from both Washington Square and Independence Hall. Within a 5 minute walk, you can see where the constitution was written, where it was signed, and the liberty bell. Not to mention the hundreds of other historical sites, restaurants, bars, museums, and theatres that Center City has to offer.




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