Idean Meet & Greet

Boundless Innovation

Together with friends, we wanted to create space for interdisciplinary conversations and knowledge-sharing; introducing Idean Meet & Greet.

The evening’s theme is Boundless Innovation: How to create trust, common forms of co-operation, and transparent processes? Complex challenges often require collaboration across disciplines, organizations, borders, and cultures. How do others succeeed while others end up in conflict?


We’re hosting a panel with friends with a broad experience from various fields. Do we find any common denominators, and what can we learn from each other? Panelists include:

  • Hilde Sandvik (journalist,
  • Mikal Telle (Music Manager, Made Management)
  • Jan Erik B-J Rossow (Architect, Vill Urbanisme)
  • Ingrid Meyer Sunde (UX designer, Idean)

Idean Meet & Greet ends with a creative and “tasty” storytelling about the process behind microbrew beer.


Afterwards, we move into the second part of the event: Idean Mini Festival / Våremning at Christinegaard Hovedgaard, with eight bands on stage!


  • Hilde Sandvik


  • Mikal Telle

    Music Manager, Made Management

  • Jan Erik B-J Rossow

    Architect, Ville Urbanisme

  • Ingrid Meyer Sunde

    UX Designer, Idean


  1. 18:00


  2. 18:20

    Welcome words, by Hogne Malum Gjersvik, Head of Studio at Idean Bergen

  3. 18:40

    Boundless innovation, panel with Hilde Sandvik, Jan Erik B-J Rossow, Mikal Telle, and Ingrid Meyer Sunde

  4. 19:30

    Micro Tendency – Storytelling

  5. 20:00

    Idean Mini Festival / Våremning på Christinegaard Hovedgaard – 2 stages, 8 bands


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