A Breakfast Summit

Crafting Signature Moments

Every day, we experience countless interactions with brands and businesses – and their products and services. Most are inherently forgettable. In a sea of mundane customer journeys, a Signature Moment surprises and delights. This is the key in the customer interaction – the reason why they return, and find value from your service.

Signature Moments are a way to build deeper, more lasting relationships between your customers, your employees, and your business. It’s a standout interaction within a customer journey that leaves a lasting, memorable impact on the person that experiences it. However, it’s even harder to build a great service when your products and services span across a number of different channels.

Our event on Friday, April 26th will open up the process, the methodologies, and lessons learned in the organizations’ journey to find their Signature Moments – and how this approach can be scaled.

In every journey, there are moments to inspire and delight

At this event, we want to give the stage to design leaders from two very interesting product companies, Intuit and Google Nest, about their decision-making process and best practices for designing these ownable moments.

Joanna Sim, Design Strategist at Intuit

Joanna will share the best practices around how they create delightul experiences at Intuit. She will present a few case studies and also reveal what doesn’t qualify as a signature moment. She’s built her expertise as a researcher, designer, and manager, but these days she’s focused on helping teams turn customer insights into amazing product experiences through brand storytelling, across the Intuit products. She has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering and M.Sc. in Human Factors.

Kate Freebairn, Director of Design at Google Home and Nest

In our fireside chat, Kate will share how they infuse their experiences with moments to create a lasting, memorable impact for their users. Kate has an extensive background in creating brand experiences for Nokia, Amazon, and Twitter, to mention a few. Her passion is to bring hardware and software together as a seamless end-to-end experience. She loves working at the intersections of products and experiences, creating joyful and useful experiences that improve people’s lives.


  • Jess Leitch

    VP, Head of Studio, San Francisco, Idean

    Jess is a design leader who has worked with companies to set up service design teams from scratch, to launch new products, services and businesses and to fix existing products, services and businesses. She currently leads the design practice at Idean West Coast, bringing design & strategy together. She’s spoken at Design Thinking USA about launching new businesses, the Service Design Network Conference in Dublin and Digitized in Athens. Email Jess

  • Kate Freebairn

    Director of Design, Google Home and Nest

  • Joanna Sim

    Design Strategist, Intuit

  • Pierre-Henri Clouin

    Chief Strategy Officer


  1. 07:30–08:30

    Registration & Breakfast

  2. 08:30

    Introduction to Signature Moments – by Jess Leitch, Design Principal at Idean

  3. 08:50

    Keynote: Joanna Sim, Design Strategist at Intuit

  4. 09:10

    Fireside chat: Kate Freebairn, Director of Design at Google Home and Nest

  5. 09:30–10:30

    Breakfast Networking