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Crafting Signature Moments - Malmö

Join us on August 26th for a 2-hour workshop about “Crafting signature moments”. We’ll open up the process and the methodologies from some lessons learned.

Every day, we experience countless interactions with brands and businesses – and their products and services. Most are inherently forgettable. In a sea of mundane customer journeys, a Signature Moment surprises and delights. This is the key in the customer interaction – the reason why they return and find value from your service.

Signature Moments are a way to build deeper, more lasting relationships between your customers, your employees, and your business.

It’s a standout interaction within a customer journey that leaves a lasting, memorable impact on the person that experiences it. However, it’s even harder to build a great service when your products and services span across a number of different channels.

Join us and get a unique chance to define your own personal signature moment!

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