Idean Design Webinar

Empower your team with Create From Home

May 28, 2020

Online event

How to energize your remote team

Running a company or heading a project during this new era demands you that you develop new methods that support all your remote team members. The most immediate need is in organizing workforces to not only work remotely, but to do so with greater creativity and energy than ever before. It’s not surprising – continuity and momentum are lost. Some rituals are gone. So much of organizations’ culture has been pulled apart along with their teams.

To solve this, we launched Create From Home. Our program enables your organization to attack challenges through a powerful, agile approach, optimized for the new normal. We combine design thinking, problem-solving, and remote workshopping to elevate your team and shift focus to a new, energized productivity.

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In this webinar, we’ll open up the ways your team can become more creative, passionate, and energetic again while working from home. We will address, and question, how some of the current novel business challenges are changing organizations – and how people can excel within.

At our webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common pain points businesses are experiencing
  • How we use energizing remote workshops to connect teams and guide engagements
  • Finding new ways to engage and lead your remote team
  • How the remote workforce is changing the way organizations innovate:
    • Culture
    • Delivery
    • Collaboration
  • Q&A

How to learn effective remote leadership

• Stimulate fresh ideas from teams with Design Thinking optimized for remote collaboration

• Reallocate savings from lower overhead for smart investments in innovation

• Monitor productivity and health of workers— they often work more hours but can burn out faster

• Identify growth opportunities for your business

• Master the right tools to find once hard-to-engage key stakeholders accessible again



  • Whitney Jardine

    Lead Engagement Manager, Idean

  • Emma Hasselaar

    Business Design Lead, Idean

Written by Risto Lähdesmäki

Empower Your Team with #CreateFromHome

Remote work is our new normal. Today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future. And what you learn right now about how to optimize it may just transform your company for the better. What if I told you that distributed workflows could bring more productivity, greater efficiency, increased employee satisfaction, and even cost savings? Sometimes a crisis can be a catalyst for positive change.