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Design Aperitivo: Speculative Cities

Designing the city around us

With the rise of urbanization and a global population living in more cities than ever, we’ve started seeing new issues arise impacting transportation, air quality, and waste management — some would argue it’s come to a breaking point, a reality if left unaddressed, will not only fail the city’s purpose to serve human needs, but impact the long term for generations to come.

At Idean and Speculative Futures SF, we strongly believe in adapting future frameworks — tools and methods used to forecast imminent or possible challenges to come—to change how we think about the problem space of city development and keeping people at the center of it all.

In three 10-minute speculations, visions ranging from a driverless future to IoT for city composting and recycling to protecting public health and achieving climate goals, we will identify several big key problem areas impacting our cities today, consider what would happen if the current trajectory doesn’t change, and how provocations can change its surroundings and inhabitants for the better. This will be followed by a short co-creation panel to create a set of shared design principles for the smart city space.


  • Allison Lilly

    Head of Marketing, Compology

    For Allison, energy and technology go hand in hand. Allison has been working across sustainable and smart technologies throughout most of her career in corporate and high-growth startups. Starting out at GE, Allison drove PR and public affairs campaigns, thought leadership, and digital marketing working across its power, utilities and renewables segments in Atlanta, Paris and San Francisco. Most recently, Allison has joined Compology as their Head of Marketing, where she supports waste and recycling haulers and businesses across North America with their efficiency and sustainability goals by providing smart dumpster cameras and unprecedented insights.

  • Natasha Margot Blum

    Founder & Principal Director, Blumline

    Natasha leads a cross-pollinating team of researchers, designers and strategists at Blumline, a Bay Area-based innovation studio, focused on health & wellness, mobility and leadership learning & development. A systems thinker, conscious leader, and multidisciplinary researcher-designer, she brings nearly 15 years of experience, working across products, services, environments, and organizations. She draws on ethnographic thinking and foresight to inspire design and strategy that prioritize people care, earth care and fair share, maximizing a yield for all. Blumline partners with forward thinking leaders from companies like Volkswagen, Postmates, Audi, Livongo, building on Natasha’s experience leading clients like Capital One, HP, Singapore Airlines, Baxter, Simple Finance and co-creating landmark civic innovation project Hayes Valley Farm in San Francisco.

  • Robert Murphy

    VP, Strategy and Business Development, Aclima

    At Aclima, Robert leads business strategy and external engagement with customers and partners; all in service of building impactful products that help organizations and individuals better manage air pollution emissions and exposure. He is an Irish and Canadian citizen, and prior to Aclima spent over a decade in the international energy sector, working in leading organizations including Chevron, Enbridge, Cleantech Group, and the World Bank. During that time he served in a variety of capacities, including strategic planning, project management, international business development, economic and policy analysis, and community engagement.


  1. 17:00–18:00

    Networking and aperitives

  2. 18:00–19:00

    Lightning talks with Q&A, co-creation panel: Design principles for better cities

  3. 19:00–20:00

    Networking continues with guest DJ DCMT