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Design Espresso - Scaling Design Thinking

The role of design has expanded dramatically.

We’ve evolved from crafting products and services to transforming organizations. At last, design has a seat at the table - what will we do with it?

What are the new mindsets and tools needed to use design as a driver for change? How can you nurture and scale design thinking throughout your organization?

  • Matias Vaara

    Creative Director, Idean

    Matias is a Creative Director at Idean in Finland. He’s an experienced designer with a focus on service design and using design as a tool for strategy. He’s the happiest when applying design as a lense to solve the most wicked problems facing us.

  • Ulla Jones

    Customer Experience Lead , DNA

    Ulla is an in-house trail-blazer in design strategy and service design never shying away from a challenge to renew, rethink and re-imagine the existing. She is the Customer Experience Lead at DNA and Finnish Telco challenger. This is her third in-house-designer position, having previously at OP Financial Group and Arla, a global FMCG company. She leads a multidisciplinary team of designers, customer insight experts and brand specialists. She’s an active player in Nordic Service Design Network and keen advocate for design driven organizations.

  • Linda Couwenberg

    Behavioural Scientist at Google, former Design Researcher at Idean

    Linda works as Behavioural Scientist at Google in London, where she applies behavioural science insights and methods to improve user experience and drive product growth. Prior to Google, she was a Design Researcher at Idean in Palo Alto, USA. In her PhD research (Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands), Linda focused on how our choice context influences decision-making and motivation, by studying the brain. Her research has been published in both academic and professional journals, and has been featured in international media.

  • Jukka Lindström

    VP, Digital Transformation at Cargotec

    Jukka is catalysing and driving the transformation of Cargotec from a world-class equipment company to a global Leader in Intelligent Cargo Handling - and truly a digital industrial company with wide new digital services and software offering. For the past 10 years Jukka has been working as a change catalyst, coach and a leader in transformations towards business and development agility. Succeeding in the rapidly changing world requires not only new ways in sales, customer facing organization, business models, solutions development and R&D, but also in the company culture. Jukka has worked at and with big corporations and has a strong start-up and customer-centric mindset.

Design Espresso - The Next 20 Year of Design

25th October at Musiikkitalo, Helsinki