An evening conversation

Design for the future

Design for the future

Join us for an evening of constructive discourse on our methodologies and the state of trust and responsibility in design!

Speakers for the evening:

Andre Jay Meissner, EMEA Manager, Adobe XD

Petri Heiskanen, SVP Design, Idean

Kicking off the evening, Jay will push us out of our comfort zones by discussing a couple tough questions: We are supposed to be experts at the intersection of the humanities and technology, but do we actually realize our impact and apply this to our responsibility? Do we ever go beyond the surface of “how does it work”, to ask ourselves “is it good”?

In his thought-provoking talk, Jay challenges predominant ideologies that are as much a threat to the design industry as to our planet. He explains why transparency, designing for trust and attempting to predict the future could be the way forward to prevent history from repeating itself.

Skills of the future

Petri will continue with a talk on “Skills of the future”. He will look at the past 15 years of digital design and reflect how the industry has changed and evolved. Yes - again an industry dinosaur that talks about the future of design. However, this time we’ll look at the future skillset of a designer and practical ways how to learn them.

The talk will touch on leadership, autonomy and the habits which need to go, and skills that will always stay put.

Join us for two excellent talks, networking, beer and snacks!


The event is free, but a pre-registration is required. Please sign up below: