Idean Design Webinar

Scaling Enterprise Design Systems with ABB

June 16, 2020

Online event

Building and maintaining a design system requires close collaboration across teams in product development, design, engineering, and marketing. This becomes particularly critical when an enterprise organization has multiple, complex products, accompanied with various customer-facing services.

In our webinar, we will hear the story of ABB – how a large-scale industrial technology company, with products across electrification, industrial automation, and robotics – began their design systems journey. We’ll learn what obstacles and successes they had while building and applying their CommonUX Design System to work across their hundreds of products.

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In this webinar, we’ll give an introduction to design systems – their purpose, benefit, and the ways it brings coherence to an organization’s product suite. ABB will present their learnings about bringing their design system into life. We’ll find out how they streamlined the design and collaboration across teams and new products – and how implementing a design system can stir cultural movement and change the way you work across teams.

You’ll learn:

  • Introduction to design systems
  • How to start the design systems journey in a complex, industrial organization
  • Effects on culture and ways of working
  • Gathering results and convincing leadership
  • Q&A

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  • Sampo Jalasto

    Head of Design, Idean

    Sampo Jalasto is the Head of Design for Idean, and oversees the overall development and growth of the design teams in Palo Alto, and San Francisco as well as most projects that pass through these offices.

    Sampo is a true hybrid designer with equal skills in UX, strategy and visual design. He is seasoned by a multitude of projects for different platforms, designing solutions from enterprise to consumer, and from concept to production.

  • Marjukka Mäkelä

    Head of UX Design, ABB

    Marjukka leads the corporate level design system creation and manifests human-centered design approach in the context of digital transformation at ABB. She has worked 15 years in different manufacturing companies in several different positions within R&D and Product management. Marjukka holds a MA degree in Industrial and Strategic Design from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (currently Aalto University) and has also studied Business Management and Marketing. She has served as a Board Member of Ornamo (Finnish Association of Designers), as well as a Vice President of TKO, Finnish Association of Industrial Designers.

  • Christian Aminoff

    Design Principal, ABB

    Christian is the Principal UX Designer at ABB, facilitating the next evolution of ABB’s CommonUX Design System, which aims to drive unity through the experience of all of ABB’s digital products. Christian has deep roots in Industrial design, Creative Direction and Branded User Experience Design Leadership. Before coming to ABB, he was the Creative Director at Idean, helping major brands as Huawei, Volkswagen and Rolls-Royce to build a culture of design that deliver meaningful experiences.