Idean Leadership Series

Idean Design Leadership Academy: Empathy Intensive

Leading Transformation with Empathy

We know that cognitive empathy is the number one driver that creates resilient, innovative companies that capture and retain loyal customers in today’s market. We love to share great ideas and have developed this workshop to give you a fast-paced and exciting deep dive into our all-time favorite secret weapon.

Join the Idean Design Academy’s special one day course ‘Leading Transformation with Empathy’ for an immersive look at empathy – how to develop it at a personal level, and how to create a culture of empathy. Prepare to roll up your sleeves and dive into an open, collaborative session, other successful leaders. Leave equipped to construct change and drive success with the power of practical empathy.

  • Creative environment

  • Challenge yourself

  • Graduation ceremony

There is a direct link between empathy and commercial success. The top 10 companies in the Global Empathy Index 2015 increased in value more than twice as much as the bottom 10 and generated 50% more earnings.Harvard Business Review

An Immersive One-Day Program

This empathy intensive provides one day of practical hands-on learning and skill advancement:

  • Begin maximizing your empathy skills and impact with a highly personalized tactical plan for how to optimize your specific strengths and overcome your innate roadblocks to using empathy strategically
  • Unearth and take command of hidden beliefs that limit your effectiveness as a leader
  • Gain insight through exploring case studies of business empathy wins
  • Get hands-on experience creating bold rituals to drive team productivity through helping them ignite their work with personal purpose
  • Get detailed insight into your current customer and organizational landscape
  • Create a detailed strategic roadmap for understanding your deploying empathy as a transformative tool in your workplace and with your customers

The Experience at the Empathy Intensive


  1. 08:30–09:00

    Registration & Breakfast

  2. 09:00–12:00

    Module 1 and 2 with Break

  3. 12:00–13:00


  4. 13:00–16:00

    Module 3 and 4 with Break

  5. 16:00–17:00

    Group Presentations

  6. 17:00–18:00

    Graduation Ceremony

  7. 18:00–20:00

    Networking Happy Hour


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  • Mary Lukanuski, Director of Design at Autodesk:

    "The most important thing when designing experiences that involve AI or machine learning – is empathy."

  • Iran Narges, Director of Service Design at Capital One:

    "Empathy is hugely important in my work. The concept of understanding and listening to other people is universal and critical."

  • Ben Matthews, Director of Design at Adobe Spark:

    "Empathy is just inherently part of our culture."