Design System Summit

Transforming experiences and organizations through the Design System.

A consistent brand generates more trust and engagement from its users. The Design System is now recognized as the key element in building successful brand experiences.

As a true strategic tool for companies, it accelerates digital transformation, while at the same time facilitating creativity, efficiency and team productivity.

Idean and Adobe have joined forces to publish Hackez le Design System, one of the first French-language books on the subject, which explores new perspectives open to advertisers.

To learn more, Adobe and Idean invite you to the Design System Summit. This half-day event will provide you with feedback from Airbus, Blablacar and Société Générale as well as advice from French experts.

A video review of this event.

Thank you all and see you soon for another Summit!


  • Audrey Hacq

    Lead designer and Design system expert, Idean France

  • Jules Mahe

    Lead UI designer, Idean France

  • Clément Menant

    Design System Manager, Airbus

  • Jonas Loco

    UX Designer, Blablacar

  • Morgane Peng

    Director of User Experience and Design, Société Générale

  • Fabien Zibi

    Tech Lead Front-end, Société Générale

  • Stéphane Baril

    Senior Creative Solutions Consultant, Adobe

  • Franck Payen

    Formateur et expert Creative & UX

  • Yohan Founs

    Senior UX Design Solutions Consultant, Adobe


  1. 13:30

    Registration & coffee

  2. 14:00

    Introduction Keynote by Audrey Hacq, Lead designer and Design system expert and Jules Mahe, Lead UI designer - Idean France

  3. 14:30

    Design System, 1 year later : Feedback on implementation and progress by Clément Menant, Design System Manager - Airbus

  4. 15:00

    Design System for the Back-end by Jonas Loco, UX Designer - Blablacar

  5. 15:30

    Networking Break

  6. 16:00

    We finally have a design system! What’s next? by Morgane Peng, Director of User Experience and Design and Fabien Zibi, Tech Lead Front-end - Société Générale

  7. 16:30

    Design System, the hub of team collaboration with Adobe XD by Stéphane Baril, Senior Creative Solutions Consultant - Adobe and Franck Payen, Formateur et expert Creative & UX

  8. 16:50

    Conclusion by Yohan Founs, Senior UX Design Solutions Consultant - Adobe

  9. 17:10

    Q/A session

  10. 17:30

    Cocktail & Networking