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Idean Design Summit: Beyond Design Systems

Beyond Design Systems – What is the future of design in organizations?

Design systems have been established in organisations for a few years now. What have we learned, where are we going and what comes next?

At our one-day Design Summit on Thursday, Oct 24th we will explore with a range of global organization and design leaders how they envision, build and scale design systems.Hear from practitioners in the field about their stories around challenges, learnings and the organisational & cultural dimensions of design systems.

What is needed to set the ground?

Why can they be a catalyst for change?

How to evolve them further and go beyond the obvious?

Together with Adobe, we released a book Hack the Design System. Backed by industry research, best practices, and real-world challenges, the book gathers insights from over 20 design leaders from companies such as AT&T, Dell, Airbnb, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft.

Join us and take a comfy seat in the repurposed pool in Berlin’s legendary hip-hop Club Prince Charles.

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  • Marjukka Mäkelä

    Head of UX Design, ABB

    Marjukka leads the corporate level design system creation and manifests human-centered design approach in the context of digital transformation at ABB. She has worked 15 years in different manufacturing companies in several different positions within R&D and Product management. Marjukka holds a MA degree in Industrial and Strategic Design from the University of Art and Design Helsinki (currently Aalto University) and has also studied Business Management and Marketing. She has served as a Board Member of Ornamo (Finnish Association of Designers), as well as a Vice President of TKO, Finnish Association of Industrial Designers.

  • Christian Aminoff

    Design Principal, ABB

    Christian is the Principal UX Designer at ABB, facilitating the next evolution of ABB’s CommonUX Design System, which aims to drive unity through the experience of all of ABB’s digital products. Christian has deep roots in Industrial design, Creative Direction and Branded User Experience Design Leadership. Before coming to ABB, he was the Creative Director at Idean, helping major brands as Huawei, Volkswagen and Rolls-Royce to build a culture of design that deliver meaningful experiences.

  • Egle Obcarskaite

    Innovation Designer

    Egle is an ethical innovation designer focusing on business design and business value of design. She holds an MA degree in digital management from Hyper Island and Teesside University Business School, where her industry research evolved around how to introduce design into strategic business development. Having more than 13 years of experience from both private and public sectors, Egle is particularly interested in digital transformation and change management and works on a framework that employs design as a catalyst for organizational and business development.

  • Petri Heiskanen

    SVP, Design at Idean, Idean

    Petri is an SVP Design at Idean with more than a decade in the company. His mission is to help Idean’s designers around the world reach new heights in quality and creativity. As an enthusiastic member of any creative team, Petri thrives under pressure. A world-class creative thinker with a burning desire to keep pushing boundaries, he is in constant pursuit of delivering solutions that exceed client expectations.


  1. 14:00

    Doors open!

  2. 15:00

    Welcome talk, Introduction to the event and our topic - Start of the part you really don’t want to miss!

  3. 15:40

    Lightning talk: Ella Lu Wolf: 7 Myths about Design Thinking

  4. 16:00

    Keynote talk: Marjukka Mäkelä and Christian Aminoff: Humanizing technology – Design system as a vehicle for cultural change in a large-scale technology company

  5. 16:45

    Lightning talk: Nikita Jerschov: AI-enabled Tools in Organizations

  6. 17:00

    Coffee Break

  7. 17:25

    Keynote talk: Egle Obcarskaite: Getting off the hamster wheel: How to preserve the value of design (systems)?

  8. 18:00

    Lightning talk: Francesco Pini: AROMAN(s)

  9. 18:20

    Food & drinks break - Enjoy a delicious, light dinner and hydrate yourself

  10. 19:15

    Keynote talk: Petri Heiskanen: The (Never)ending Design System – Where does the design system end? And how can we spread the best practices around an organisation with the same mechanics?

  11. 20:00

    DJ Lachs and the party starts! - Mingle, network and show us your dance moves

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