Designing a Home of the Future.

Idean Kids Academy

October 16, 2019

Vantaa, Finland

Creativity, collaboration and critical-thinking skills are vital to success at school and beyond. We believe that design can effectively and engagingly nurture these critical skills.

At Idean Kids Academy on October 16th, pupils aged 9 to 12 can practice empathy and creativity and brainstorm their wildest ideas. During the day children will learn to turn their ideas into reality and present them to others.

The event is co-hosted with the Finnish Science Center Heureka and the program will be organized at Heureka’s premises.

The topic of the Kids Academy 2019 is Circular Economy and kids will learn to use design thinking as a tool to understand the ecosystem. The task for the day is to design a new home that uses resources like energy and water in an efficient way.

Please note that the event will be held in Finnish.



  1. 09:45

    Doors Open

  2. 10:00


  3. 10:15

    Watch and Listen

  4. 10:45


  5. 11:30


  6. 12:10


  7. 13:20


  8. 14:00

    The End


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