How enterprises innovate through design

Idean Summit – Designing Experiences That Last

The largest enterprises are innovating new products to the market in the speed of light. The new products and services must respond to a myriad of needs, and establish brand loyalty through satisfying customers. Come learn how these companies are implementing design tools and methodologies to innovate better and faster – and the results that they’ve seen already.

Idean, a global experience design firm, aims to promote thought leadership and sharing knowledge across various industries and within the design community. The Idean Summit is a ground-breaking event series that provides the stage to the world’s largest design industry leaders. This time Hyperloop One will present how to design the incredible experience of the future, Adobe talks about hybrid teams that create fast-shipping products to market, and Capital One will tell how to scale service design in a global organization.

At the Idean Summit, I was inspired by the pretty compelling stories – it was really, really fascinating.David Townsend, Speaker — Head of Design, IBM Analytics


  • Ben Ellis

    Digital User Experience, Hyperloop One

    Ben has traveled the world assisting to design and develop embedded digital solutions for a myriad of vehicles traveling under water, on the road, through the air, and in space. He now focuses on creating a completely new mode of transportation for Virgin Hyperloop One by leading the design of complex control systems and empowering customers through new multi-modal transportation experiences.

    He has a passion for everything automotive which led to him creating new in-vehicle infotainment experiences for Jaguar Land Rover but he now strives to create a more connected world by enabling people to live, work, and fall in love across larger distances using a pod that goes in excess of 700mph.

  • Iran Narges

    Design Director, Capital One

    Iran began practicing Service Design 5 years ago at Adaptive Path and continued at Capital One, following 15 years of graphic design and art direction experience across a wide range of industries and media. In her most recent role as a Design Director at Capital One, she led a team focused on scaling service design and strategic design capabilities across the enterprise. She also enjoys teaching and speaking about service design, graphic design, and the intersection of making and strategy. In 2017, she helped develop and teach the first Adaptive Path Service Experience Intensive. She also developed and teaches CCA’s first-ever undergraduate Service Design elective with fellow CCA and Adaptive Path alum Amber Reed.

  • Benjamin Matthews

    Director of Design, Adobe

    Ben has been designing diverse experiences for twenty years and is currently a Director of Design at Adobe. He heads design for product, growth, and content for Adobe Spark, a next-generation suite of apps for storytellers and visual communicators searching for a simple way to create engaging content like flyers, social videos, presentations, school reports, and photo stories.

    With prior roles at companies such as LG Electronics (Silicon Valley Lab), eBay, Dipdive, Gap, Razorfish, and several as a consultant, he’s spanned a diverse spectrum of corporate, start-up, and agency environments and industries. Ben is a Bay Area native and calls it home with his family.

  • Risto Lähdesmäki

    Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Idean

    CEO and founder at Idean, Risto is an entrepreneurially spirited, jack-of-all-trades Creative Director. He has a special talent for identifying business opportunities for his client companies and is somewhat allergic to the phrase: “This is not possible”. Risto is an entrepreneur and designer at heart, and has worked with start-ups as well as big enterprises his entire professional career.


  1. 12:00

    Registration & Lunch

  2. 13:00

    Welcome Words by Risto Lähdesmäki – CEO of Idean

  3. 13:15

    Bob Baxley – Design Executive and Advisor, previously at Pinterest, Apple

  4. 13:45

    Roundtabe Discussion: The elements for creating lasting experiences

  5. 14:00
  6. 14:30

    Roundtable Discussion: Scaling service design

  7. 14:45

    Coffee & Networking Break

  8. 15:15
  9. 15:45

    Roundtable Discussion: Inspiring teams to common goals

  10. 16:00
  11. 16:30

    Roundtable Discussion: How to meet customer expectations with AI

  12. 16:45
  13. 17:15

    Ideation: Imagine the transportation of the future

  14. 17:15–19:00

    Cocktail Hour with Wine Tasting


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The Venue

The Idean Summit is hosted at the gorgeous Bluxome Street Winery, that sets the day for inspiring discussions and lively networking.

This time, in addition to aspiring talks by design leaders across industries, we will host roundtable ‘Speed Discussions’ around Secret Questions, set up in each table based on the speakers’ content.

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