Be an inspiring and effective design leader

Leadership Design Academy: Munich

November 23–24, 2017

Palais Lenbach
München, Germany

This two-day intensive course addresses the growing need for design leadership inside of organizations across industries. We believe that true organizational growth stems from effective and informed design leadership, which paves the way toward beautiful and relevant customer experiences.

Our approach to our Leadership Design Academy enables design leaders and businesses executives learn new ways of problem-solving, empowering them with design thinking methods to work collaboratively and find alignment.

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  • Klaas Bollhoefer

    Founder & CxO

  • Florian Dohmann

    Data + AI Consultant


  1. 08:30


  2. 09:00

    Overview and Introductions

  3. 09:30

    Leadership Presentation

  4. 10:30

    Coffee Break

  5. 10:45

    Leadership Presentation continued

  6. 12:00

    Co-creation Dialogue

  7. 14:00

    Problem Reframing

  8. 16:30

    Share and Reflect

  9. 18:00

    Exclusive Academy Dinner