Empowering through design

Idean Design Leadership Academy – Oslo

April 11–12, 2018

Oslo, Norway

Learn design leadership tools and techniques to help all parts of your company communicate and align. Design is reframing problems and solving them in dialogue with others. Too often, though, there is a disconnect between Design and other business units. This workshop teaches practical methods for you to create a company-wide understanding and framework so all teams are equipped to design together.

You’ll join with leaders across industries to grapple with real-life design leadership challenges. Together, we’ll dive into collaborative activities, focused discussions and courageous explorations of the path of design leadership.

The job of design is to stretch – to be a stretch agent – to go for the next scenarios. The design leader is a visionary, a bit of a lighthouse, to help explore what the company could look like.Eric Quint — Chief Design Officer at 3M

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  • Doug Powell

    Distinguished Designer, Design Principal, IBM

    Doug Powell is a designer with more than 25 years of experience in a wide range of design disciplines. A recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Sam Fox School of Design at Washington University in St. Louis, and the 2014 Fellow Award from AIGA Minnesota, Doug is a lecturer, commentator and thought leader on design issues, having presented at a variety of national conferences and forums including the 2015 Beirut Design Week in Lebanon, the 2015 Offset design conference in Dublin, Ireland, the 2011 Mayo Clinic Transform Conference, and the 2012 TEDx ArtCenter. Between 2011-2013 Doug served as the national president of AIGA, the professional association for design, the largest and oldest design organization in the world. He is currently Distinguished Designer at IBM, directing the program to scale design and design thinking across the global tech company.

  • Michelle Trudo

    Director of Idean Design Academy, Idean

    Michelle leads the Idean’s Design Academy with a blend of years of industry and academic experience. She is passionate about facilitating design thinking practices, training, and education for design teams and business leaders. Michelle believes design teams and business leaders can align and drive better customer experiences with measurable outcomes by practicing design thinking methods.

  • Thordur Arnason

    Head of Agency, Idean Norway

    Thordur is currently busy building Idean Norway, well on its way of becoming a leading experience design firm catering to both large enterprises and ambitious startups, in the Norwegian and Nordic markets. With expanding studios in Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger, Idean focuses on thought leadership within Design Thinking, Service Design and CX.


Day 1

  1. 08:30

    Registration & Breakfast at DOGA

  2. 09:00

    Overview + Introductions

  3. 09:30

    Leadership Presentation

  4. 12:00

    Lunch – served on premise

  5. 13:00

    Co-creation Dialog

  6. 14:00

    Problem Reframing

  7. 16:30

    Share + Reflect

  8. 18:00

    Exclusive Academy Dinner at Südøst

Day 2

  1. 08:30

    Breakfast at DOGA

  2. 09:00

    Guest Speaker

  3. 10:00

    Coffee Break

  4. 10:30

    Challenge Map

  5. 12:00


  6. 13:00

    Building Empathy

  7. 14:00

    Measuring Design Impact

  8. 15:15

    Share + Reflect

  9. 16:00

    Closing Ceremony at DOGA

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