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Pi People #12

Pi People is the event series by our Idean London team that brings curious minds together to discuss technology, business and design. It’s a great mix of top speakers, interesting conversations, food, drinks, and debate.


  • Steve Kato-Spyrou

    UX Manager, John Lewis

    Our favourite speaker at the Jam conference this year and he’ll be joining us with his fantastic talk about Breaking Siloes, Collaboration in a Century Old Organisation.

  • Daniel Fogg

    COO, BuffaloGrid

    BuffaloGrid is a company bringing mobile power and internet to the next billion. He will also be talking about organisational design, specifically designing values and culture.

  • Ronan Kelly

    Product Designer, Idean

    Ronan will be sharing more about an exhibition he was recently involved in and asking questions like: How will future forms of typography affect information and how we engage with it? And exploring the blurring of technology, machines and humans and ambiguous space it puts us in.

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