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Pi People #17: standout propositions

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Pi People is back Wednesday 26th February!

This time it’s all on what makes a standout proposition: what makes them thrive or die.

Speaking we have:

  • Glyn Britton, Chief Customer Officer at Bionic - will be talking about his yearly round up of the most interesting propositions - and what they all share
  • Phoebe Arkell, Investment Associate from Rooks Nest Ventures will give an insider view on what VCs look for in a proposition
  • And Idean’s own Annika Bruysten, Business Design Director will be calling BS on any and all ‘One Stop Shop’ propositions.

We’ll have all of our usual festivities - great speakers, the best food and drinks, and our lovely community. Tickets will sell out quick so don’t wait to get yours!


  1. 18:30

    Doors Open, grab some tasty food and drinks!

  2. 19:00

    Introduction to Idean UK, What Business Design means to us, by Charlotte Fereday, Business Design Director

  3. 19:10

    Glynn Britton, Chief Customer Officer, Bionic

  4. 19:30

    Phoebe Arkell, Investment Associate, Rooks Nest Ventures

  5. 19:45

    Break time, have a chat!

  6. 20:00

    Annika Bruysten, Business Design Director Idean UK

  7. 20:20

    Panel Discussion, Do you have a favourite proposition?

  8. 21:00

    Head home or to the pub!