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Pi People #19: make your work count

July 8, 2020

Online event

Make your work count: how to take climate action through design, tech and business

Remote Pi People is back! This time we’ll be sharing how to take climate action through your work in design, tech and business.

Even in a global pandemic, we can’t forget that there’s another crisis on our hands: the climate crisis.

We know we can have a much greater impact through our work than in our personal lives. So how do we build more sustainable businesses in our roles as designers and builders?

Who’s speaking?

Celia Pool co-founded DAME, a sustainable personal care brand on a mission. DAME created the D, the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, that aims to tackle the vast amount of plastic waste created by the feminine care industry. Launched in 2019, D has sold in over 60 countries and won a revered Dezeen Design Award.

  • Celia will be sharing the highs, lows and lessons learnt disrupting a category with a world-first product with sustainability at its core.

Sean Robbins is Lead QA at Idean UK and wants to help deliver the next generation of online businesses and services through sustainable technology.

  • Sean will break down the ways in which the digital services we build may be contributing to the climate crisis. How can we re-think our work so we start to move towards creating an internet which can be climate positive?

Clare Brass founded Department 22 to offer consultancy and training for innovation and circular economy. They’re transforming global challenges into exciting new business opportunities through design-thinking.

  • Clare will share her three top tips for designers wanting to implement sustainability thinking in their projects.

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