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Pi People #20: inclusive by design

September 23, 2020

Online event

Inclusive by design: how to make your product work for everyone

How often do you see inclusive design left in the backlog? De-prioritised because it’s not for your target user group? Or added after launch simply due to changing regulations?

Successful businesses treat inclusive design as opportunity, not an afterthought. And it’s most valuable when it’s embedded in every part of the business. So how do you make inclusive design a priority for your organisation?

Hear from three speakers who’ve built propositions, designed customer experiences and implemented ways of working that all enable inclusivity – and how this has impacted their business for the better. We’ll also showcase our tool Cards for Humanity to show how it can bring more inclusive thinking to your products and wider organisations.

Sounds good right?!


  • Charlie Wileman

    Senior Product Manager at Idean UK

    Charlie Wileman is a Senior Product Manager at Idean UK with a focus on delivering positive change, across products, services and teams. Charlie talks about developing the Universal Score - an inclusive prioritisation tool that poses a whole new set of questions to help us evaluate our ideas against a more inclusive criteria.

  • Srin Madipalli

    Product Manager, Airbnb

    Srin Madipalli is a Product Manager at Airbnb with a focus on making travel easier for disabled people. Srin was an entrepreneur who co-founded Accomable in 2015, a travel platform for people with disabilities, which was acquired by Airbnb in November 2017. Accessibility has historically been treated as a compliance item, but in this talk, Srin shares his experience and learnings from his time at Accomable and Airbnb on how his team has worked towards creating a more accessible and inclusive travel experience.

  • Hanna Kops

    Head of Experience, Transport for London

    Hanna Kops is Head of Experience at Transport for London, leading a team of designers responsible for experience strategy, innovation and design across all digital channels. This year Transport for London launched TfL Go, a new travel app for London. Core to its proposition, the app is designed to be ‘inclusive by default’ – featuring a completely new approach to inclusion across design, data and innovation.

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