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Pi People #21: how to make your product connect with people

March 3, 2021

Online event

When we’re busy building products it’s easy to forget to ask: how does this product make people feel?

But creating a successful product is all about making emotional connections and building relationships with your customers. And that’s where brand comes in.

We heard from some fantastic speakers who’ll take us through how they’ve shaped purposeful brands that meaningfully connect with people. And in true Idean style, we’ll be getting existential about brand with some fun and japes from our in-house entertainment master Jake Sharpe.

Buckle up, we can promise this will be a remote event like none other you’ve experienced.

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  • Polina Hohonova

    Principal Creative Designer at Farfetch

    Polina Hohonova is a Principal Creative Designer at Farfetch who is going to be taking us through what Farfetch learnt from crafting a rebrand for luxury fashion.

  • Jamie Samman

    Senior Product Designer at Idean

    Jamie Samman is a Senior Product Designer at Idean who will be diving into why brand should be considered at every step of the design process - and how to make it stick.

  • Napala Pratini

    Co-Founder of Habitual

    Napala Pratini is the Co-Founder of Habitual. Her talk is; Building a brand and product around a taboo.

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