Idean Workshop

Scaling Design Thinking in Large Organizations – DSC Workshop

How can you spread design thinking in your organization? Join us in this hands-on workshop in Helsinki to find out. Designers from Idean, IBM and Google will guide you to set design free within your company.

Come and learn during the Design Systems Conference in Helsinki how to scale design thinking across large organizations:

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  • Mikko-Pekka Hanski

    Head of Studio

  • Sampo Jalasto

    Head of Design, Idean

    Sampo Jalasto is the Head of Design for Idean, and oversees the overall development and growth of the design teams in Palo Alto, and San Francisco as well as most projects that pass through these offices.

    Sampo is a true hybrid designer with equal skills in UX, strategy and visual design. He is seasoned by a multitude of projects for different platforms, designing solutions from enterprise to consumer, and from concept to production.

  • Petri Heiskanen

    SVP, Design at Idean, Idean

    Petri is an SVP Design at Idean with more than a decade in the company. His mission is to help Idean’s designers around the world reach new heights in quality and creativity. As an enthusiastic member of any creative team, Petri thrives under pressure. A world-class creative thinker with a burning desire to keep pushing boundaries, he is in constant pursuit of delivering solutions that exceed client expectations.

  • Anna Kalme

    UX & Service Designer, Idean

  • Hayley Hughes

    Polaris Design System, Shopify

    Hayley Hughes is a UX Manager for the Polaris Design System at Shopify. She formerly pioneered the Design Language at IBM, and lead the evolution of the Design System at Airbnb.

    Hayley’s work has been featured in Women Who Design, Under Consideration, and “26 Innovations by 26 Women.” She is a certified IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Leader and contributed to the Adobe + Idean e-book, “Hack the Design System.”


  1. 10:00

    Registration and light breakfast

  2. 10:30

    Workshop begins

  3. 12:00–13:00

    Lunch, provided by the organizerzs

  4. 15:00

    Workshop ends

Scaling design thinking in large organizations

To really drive change within large organizations, it’s often not enough to hire designers. It’s critical to make design thinking accessible to a larger part of your company. Spreading design thinking means giving more people the mindset and tools to be customer-centric.

In this hands-on session, seasoned designers from Idean, IBM, and Google will guide and challenge you to set design free within your organization.

Idean has supported for example IBM, Cisco, Kesko, and Cargotec on their journey of spreading design thinking.