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Service Design Fringe Festival

The first and only service design festival in London

Since 2014, Service Design Fringe Festival has been contributing to increase recognition, employment and the critical value of service design as an industry in London.

The theme of this year’s festival is inclusion. It is critical to understand and design around the needs of every kind of a user, and this year’s Festival will raise a critical discussion of inclusion in the service design industry.

Panels and workshops

We will be present at the Service Design Fringe Festival with multiple programme offerings during the conference. See the schedule below:

Workshop: Inclusive design – it’s for everyone

Friday, October 19th at 10:00 - 11:00

Inclusive design is still seen as an add-on; a nice to have, something “we’ll get around to once we’ve finished building”. It’s last on the list for development must-dos, and the first to go when the budget bites. And yet designing for inclusivity means designing for everyone. It’s hard to persuade clients and business sponsors to prioritise building a new digital service so it can be used with screen readers, or designing a product so that it can be used by someone with a hearing impairment. Whilst the excuse for not doing it centres on budget, there’s a chronic lack of understanding about how to design for inclusivity and the business benefits it brings. In this workshop we’ll explore the business case for embedding inclusive design into all products and services, outlining the benefits and arguments for designing for all. We’ll discuss how to design for inclusivity so that business benefits are realised. And we’ll give practical tips and methods for ensuring inclusive design is a core principle, not a bolt-on feature.


  • You will learn why inclusive design is not a “nice to have” but is instead a fundamental requirement for your products and services
  • We will cover practical tips about how to design inclusively and how to create a compelling business case for inclusive design for your clients and business sponsors
  • You will learn how to ensure your future products and services are designed with inclusivity as a core principle


Workshop: Launch faster, grow quicker and behave bolder

Friday, October 19th at 12:00 - 13:00

What mindset and skill set does a service designer need to help companies grow through experimentation? At Idean (formerly Adaptive Lab), we build Beta Businesses - organisations that launch faster, grow quicker, and behave bolder, free from the status quo. In this session we’d like to share our stories and learnings about building Beta Businesses. Why Beta Business? What is the process? What makes it successful? Most importantly, what role does service design play in developing a Beta Business? How to collaborate with a multidisciplinary team from understanding the gap in market, developing a proposition to delivering and scaling the business?

During this event you will learn:

  • a service designer’s role and skill set for delivering a Beta Business;
  • what is a Beta Business and why it’s valuable to corporates;
  • how to develop a Beta Business.

Hosted by: Jess Cheng, Service Design Director, Idean UK

She specialises in providing commercial and creative solutions to help businesses transform the way they operate and engage with customers across channels. Her skills were honed through various projects such as helping Konica Minolta design the future of workplaces and developing new SME business offerings with a leading Spanish bank. Currently, Jessica is helping one of the most beloved retailers in the UK build a Beta Business.


Panel: Love spread or blood spilt: what does it take to make change happen?

Friday, October 19th at 14:30 - 16:00

Love spread or blood spilt: what does it really take to make change happen with service design?

Challenges, achievements, failures when introducing service design to the organisations and getting buy-in from C-level? Let’s discuss it all with the group of leaders from the public and private sectors. The panel discussion will be facilitated by Ross Breadmore, a master of positive energy, currently challenging 200-year-old organisation.

The panelists are:

  • Cate Care, Design Team Lead at Public Health England

    Leading an in-house multidisciplinary research and design team. Cate specialised in design research and insight and is interested in people and their motivations and behaviours above all else.

  • Hana Sutch, Managing Partner at Furthermore

    An award-winning digital product and service design studio and co-founder of Go Jauntly, a tech-for-good walking app. With over 15 years of experience in the interaction design industry, she leads a team of strategists, designers and technologists.

  • Blaise Galinier, Creative Director at BBC

    Designing tools and software used by thousands of BBC employees. He is a big supporter of Agility in all its forms.

  • Jessica Leitch, Head of Service Design at Idean UK

    Helping clients to design and build new services and businesses, to fix issues with existing products and services and to help people to build their service design muscles.



  1. 10:00–11:00

    Workshop: Inclusive Design is for everyone by Idean UK

  2. 12:00–13:00
  3. 14:30–16:00