Idean Design Webinar

Orchestrating service experiences with service design

May 14, 2020

Online Event

Companies are rapidly shifting and responding to changing customer behaviors. So designing consciously – and more humanly – across different touchpoints is more critical than ever.

The hardest part in service delivery, be it the optimization or launch of new services, is their orchestration. In order to stay relevant and valuable to our users, we need to keep up with changing expectations and demands.

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In our webinar, we’ll discuss how orchestrating tools and moments is a core competency of delivering valuable service experiences.

Firstly, we are responsible for understanding the needs of our users. Secondly, we are accountable to meet those needs with interactions that enable them to achieve their goals and get on with life.

Orchestrating the tools and moments to support our users requires empathy, collaboration, creativity, and alignment, which results in better experiences and outcomes.

The key takeaways from our webinar

• What is a "service" & what is service design?

• The orchestration imperative

• The frontstage and backstage of service design

• The value of taking a service design approach to customer experience



  • Braeden Watts

    Lead Service Designer, Idean

    Braeden has a unique skill set that spans design, health and business strategy. He has over eight years of experience working as a Service Designer with expertise in creating new customer experiences for both products and services. He has worked for leading global design studios in multiple countries with a special focus in big pharma and social impact. His industry experience spans working within automotive, financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare delivery. Email Braeden

  • Diana Galvis

    Senior Service Designer, Idean

    Diana is an outcomes-focused, collaborative strategist, and project lead with 8 years as experience design practitioner, mostly as consultant in start-ups, non-profits, and agencies that work for social innovation and impact. Her past experience and clients include Capital One, Planned Parenthood, San Francisco Unified School District, and the National Park Service. Email Diana

  • Bethany Brown

    Senior Service Designer, Idean

    Bethany has worked at leading design studios in London, Dubai, and now San Francisco. She is experienced in Service Design practices, applying human-centered design techniques to a range of sectors including air travel, hospitality, public services, non-profit, retail, robotics, and telecoms. Bethany is most passionate about designing services that drive positive change for those that use them. Email Bethany

  • Jess Leitch

    VP, Head of Studio, San Francisco, Idean

    Jess is a design leader who has worked with companies to set up service design teams from scratch, to launch new products, services and businesses and to fix existing products, services and businesses. She currently leads the design practice at Idean West Coast, bringing design & strategy together. She’s spoken at Design Thinking USA about launching new businesses, the Service Design Network Conference in Dublin and Digitized in Athens. Email Jess

Written by Bethany Brown

A service designer’s view on how the pandemic is changing services

As we adapt to working from home, schooling at home, and maintaining our social distance, businesses have also had to adapt to survive. And those that are doing it well are not only pivoting for today but setting new standards of service that are addressing more consumer needs and expectations for the future.