Join us for

The Beta Business Makers' Meetup

We’re running a series of events for those of you creating, building and launching businesses of tomorrow.

We’re getting together a group of like-minded, curious and ambitious individuals who are designing and launching new ventures (we call them Beta Businesses).

What to expect on the night:

  • Always be Beta. Short intro to building new ventures in corporations
  • Kate Aldridge, innovation manager who’s been building a new business for Premier Inn (TBC)
  • Chris O’Donoghue, who’ll share what he’s learnt through building new ventures at John Lewis
  • Ideanists on the purpose of brand
  • Panel discussion

Besides great speakers, we can, of course, promise great food and drink – and even greater company. That means inspiring conversations with your peers who’re behind some of the most interesting innovation work out there. How’s that for a Thursday evening.

To receive an access code for a free ticket, email us with your details at


Take a peek at one of our recent events for a taster of what to expect: