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The Beta Business Makers Meetup

We’re running a series of events for those of you creating, building and launching businesses of tomorrow.

We’re getting together a group of like-minded, curious and ambitious individuals who are designing and launching new ventures (we call them Beta Businesses).

What to expect from a Beta Business Makers Meetup?

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What we talked about on June 6

  • _A Short intro to building new ventures in corporations

  • Hamish Leiper, Head of Proposition Innovation, has been building a new business for Standard Life, and will talk about experience-led innovation, or going from post-its to profit - how launching a new service is like writing science fiction, how to use CIA guidance to find people with the right mindset for building a business, and how to navigate the “trough of sorrow” when things go wrong.

  • Chris O’Donoghue, Senior Product Manager, will share experience and lessons learned on the front lines of corporate innovation at John Lewis Ventures.

  • Ines Oliveira, Service and Product design lead, Idean UK, will talk about Beta Brands, delving into the role of brand in creating and launching Beta Businesses.

Besides great speakers, we can, of course, promise great food and drink – and even greater company. That means inspiring conversations with your peers who’re behind some of the most interesting innovation work out there. How’s that for a Thursday evening.


  • Chris O'Donoghue

    Senior Product Manager, Simply Business, ex John Lewis Ventures

    Having held product management roles across Virgin Media and John Lewis, Chris O’Donoghue has gained nearly 10 years experience of driving innovation in a large corporate setting. On the night, Chris will share experience and lessons learned on the front lines of corporate innovation.

  • Ines Oliveira

    Service and Product Design Lead, Idean

    Ines has spent her career solving problems in London, Paris, Lisbon and Porto. She has experience with different methodologies and types of projects: from digital services and products to creative direction, and design languages for brands to digitally evolve; from large scale platforms, to modular toolkits.

  • Hamish Leiper

    Head of Proposition Innovation, Standard Life

    For the past couple of years Hamish has been part of a small group of innovators changing the way that Standard Life designs and launches new products and services - more Lean Startup, less waterfall. He’s passionate about strategy, innovation and customer experience. Outside of work he’s a trustee at LGBT Youth Scotland.


  1. 18:00

    Registration, food and drink by Feast and Social

  2. 18:45

    James Haycock, Idean UK

  3. 19:00

    Chris O’Donoghue, John Lewis Ventures

  4. 19:20

    Hamish Leiper, Standard Life

  5. 19:40

    Ines Oliveira, Idean UK

  6. 20:00

    A panel conversation with Chris, Hamish and Ines

  7. 20:20

    More food, drinks and networking