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The Transformation Series

November 25–December 2, 2020

Online event

Climate change, social inequality, global instability; businesses can no longer ignore these global shifts. But what do they mean for your transformation strategy?

Successful businesses know that reshaping your entire approach to transformation is the only way to turn purpose into action.

So who’s already making these changes? And where should you start? Watch The Transformation Series to hear from organisations who are already implementing large-scale transformation projects and share the steps you need to take to make positive and profitable change.

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  • A conversation with Ikea, Octopus EV and Forum for the Future

    What would be the silver bullet that would unlock transformation for your industry? Are incumbents or new entrants leading the charge? Should you drive change or wait for customers or stakeholders to make the first move? Join us at 4.30 pm (GMT) on Wednesday 25th November for a panel discussion on reshaping industries for a better future.

  • A conversation with O2, Plan A, Green Tech Alliance and World Economic Forum

    From carbon emissions to purpose over profit, how do you turn ambitious business goals into reality? How are your customer behaviours, needs and motivations evolving? Are your products and services and business models set up to adapt? Join us at 4.30pm (GMT) on Wednesday 2nd December to hear how design-led transformation can protect your businesses from future change.


  • Hege Sæbjørnsen

    UK and Ireland Sustainability Manager at Ikea

  • Zoe Le Grand

    Principal Strategist, Forum for the Future

  • Will Kirkpatrick

    Head of Sustainability Operations, O2 (Telefónica UK CSR)

  • James Nettleton

    Head of Commercial at Octopus EV

  • Lubomila Jordanova

    Founder, Plan A and Green Tech Alliance

  • Payal Wadhwa

    Service Design Principal, Idean UK

  • James Haycock

    VP, General Manager, UK, Idean

  • Annika Bruysten

    Business Design Director, Idean UK

  • Maija Palmer

    Innovation Editor, Sifted

  • Dr Nazia Mintz Habib

    FRSA, Founder of Sustainable Development Programme at University of Cambridge

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