In collaboration with SDN Malmö and Upfront


We’re delighted to host an event on September 27th in collaboration with SDN Malmo and Upfront.

Speech is power

It is more important than ever before for self-identifying women to have the ability to influence, persuade and inspire. All self-identifying women are welcome - extroverts, introverts and everything in between. Our aim is for you to leave feeling the most confident you’ve ever felt, equipped with new tools to use when speaking in public, in meetings or networking situations, in a pitch or around the dinner table.

What will you learn?

  • What makes you remarkable? Yes, you are
  • How to feel more confident at work and at home? Yes, both are equally important
  • Learn the who, what, where and why of Imposter Syndrome (Yes, we all have it)
  • Understand women’s low confidence as a consequence of our environment and the patriarchy (Yes, it’s another thing we’re made to feel guilty about)
  • How to introduce yourself?
  • How to strengthen your voice?
  • How to give yourself status?
  • How to combat nerves?

All our work is underpinned by these principles:

  • You can’t be what you can’t see
  • We believe that confidence can be learned and it IS within your reach
  • Confidence is not a gift from the gods
  • We know that you lack nothing
  • We’re all responsible for being a good audience
  • We all have power, even if we can’t feel it
  • Include yourself and others
  • One way we learn confidence is by understanding our bodies
  • You’re you — with your individual knowledge and your unique experiences and your unique brain
  • You’re the one the world wants to hear from

This workshop will be designed and facilitated by the award-winning service designer, public speaker and entrepreneur, Lauren Currie

Workshop limited to 18 places

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