Idean Design Webinar

Using service design to respond to a healthcare system under stress

July 23, 2020

Online event

The pandemic fueled by COVID-19 has revealed the fragility and criticality of our healthcare system in the United States. In addition to responding to an ever-threatening pandemic and escalating case loads, medical service providers have evolved their delivery models to continue delivering primary health care. At this event, we’ll bring together a panel of health care professionals to talk about how they’re adapting to a world where this situation is here to stay.

A panel and a workshop

At this event, we’ll hear from healthcare professionals who have been involved in:

  • Adapting IT systems and processes to support the accelerating changes
  • Working with family caregivers to design the future of telehealth
  • Prescription medication delivery and pharmacy services

After the panel discussion all participants will be directed to three separate breakout sessions where you will have the option to go deeper on these topics. We will explore how service design can create a more resilient and less fragile health care system and supporting services.

While we don’t have enough time to design a new health care system in a workshop, we can surface opportunity areas where service design can make an impact.

Join us on Thursday, July 23 at 4pm PST

The key takeaways from our event are:

  • An understanding of service design within the healthcare context
  • A better understanding of how Covid-19 has impacted Healthcare
  • Ways to re-imagine the future of healthcare in a workshop setting

In partnership with Service Design Network


  • Carissa Lim

    Sr. Service Designer / Design & Innovation Lead, Kaiser Permanente

    Carissa Lim is a Design and Innovation Lead at Kaiser Permanente, the largest nonprofit healthcare provider in the USA. In her role, she focuses on using service design to amplify the voices of patients, providers, and staff to design solutions for complex healthcare challenges. Carissa has tackled projects ranging from designing ways to integrate telehealth into the hospital and home space, curating the technology experience for the upcoming School of Medicine, and developing curriculum to spread human-centered design across the organization. She holds a Masters in Product Design from the University of Pennsylvania and has held roles at the Penn Medicine Center for Healthcare Innovation, University of Vermont Medical Center, and more.

  • Izac Ross

    Design Manager, Product and Service Design, Alto Pharmacy

    Izac specializes in bridging the gap between design, operations, product, and engineering to build/improve services and digital products. He is currently a Design Manager of Product and Service Design at Alto Pharmacy, where he leads a team that builds the platform that enables 300+ pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to service Alto’s patients.

    He has a passion for working on complex problems in regulated industries. Prior to joining Alto, Izac held positions at Collective Health, Cooper, Moment Design and Philips Design. In his consulting days he worked for a range of clients in healthcare, financial, and technology verticals including Philips Healthcare, Studio Dental, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Google, American Express, Morgan Stanley and Bloomberg.

  • Bethany Brown

    Senior Service Designer, Idean

    Bethany has worked at leading design studios in London, Dubai, and now San Francisco. She is experienced in Service Design practices, applying human-centered design techniques to a range of sectors including air travel, hospitality, public services, non-profit, retail, robotics, and telecoms. Bethany is most passionate about designing services that drive positive change for those that use them. Email Bethany

  • Braeden Watts

    Lead Service Designer, Idean

    Braeden has a unique skill set that spans design, health and business strategy. He has over eight years of experience working as a Service Designer with expertise in creating new customer experiences for both products and services. He has worked for leading global design studios in multiple countries with a special focus in big pharma and social impact. His industry experience spans working within automotive, financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare delivery. Email Braeden


  1. 16:00–16:10

    Arrive & welcome

  2. 16:10–16:45

    Introduction and Service Design in Healthcare panel discussion

  3. 16:45–17:30

    Service Design in healthcare workshop begins

  4. 17:30–18:00

    Wrap up discussion, reflection, questions


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