Online event

Foundations in Design Thinking


Workshop Curriculum Details

22 April, 2.00pm - 5.00pm

Design thinking represents an approach that is used for practical and creative problem-solving. Mainly it is based on methods and processes that designers use in different areas. It is focused on understanding people’s needs and finding an effective solution.

About the Facilitator

Over 18 years of experience delivering multi-award winning digital solutions for commercial and government clients, in Southeast Asia and Australia, Ignatius Ong has an excellent track record of introducing creative design strategies to enhance user experience and drive engagement through intuitive omni-channel brand experiences. Formally trained in UX, he has done academic research as well as taught at graduate university level.


Introduce participants to the theory behind design thinking, the design thinking framework itself, and walk through case studies showcasing how design thinking is applied in real world scenarios.​

Who is this for?

Organizations in early stages of exploring the value of Design Thinking.

  • Design Teams
  • Product Teams
  • IT Teams