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An Evening on Design Systems

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Join us for a private dinner around design systems with fellow executive design leaders. Hosted on Wednesday, October 9th in downtown San Francisco, the event will enable vivid conversations around strategy, purpose, and results experienced through creating and evolving design systems.

This evening is an invitation-only event for a select group of chief design leaders in Fortune 500 companies.


  • Shawn Cheris

    Director of Experience Design, Adobe

    Shawn led the journey of Spectrum, Adobe’s design system, which is implemented across most of Adobe’s immense portfolio. He will tell his personal story of helping an entire company move toward a single source of truth.

  • Jessica Leitch

    Head of Studio, Idean

    Jess is design leader who has worked with companies to set up service design teams from scratch, to launch new products, services and businesses and to fix existing products, services and businesses.


  1. 18:00

    Welcome drinks and a round of intros

  2. 19:00

    Introduction by Jess Leitch, Head of Studio at Idean

  3. 19:10

    Implementing Design Systems at Scale by Shawn Cheris

  4. 19:30

    Main course served

  5. 20:30


  6. 22:00

    Dinner concludes

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Bringing the knowledge together

Design-System Invent-Series-Mockup-v8

In June, Idean and Adobe released a new book, Hack the design system. This book brings together various design experts’ rich and diverse experience in creating design systems for global companies. Backed by industry research, best practices, and real-world challenges, the book gathers insights from over 20 design leaders from companies such as AT&T, Dell, Airbnb, Cisco, IBM, and Microsoft. At this event, you’ll receive a hard copy of this book.