Begin on a blank sheet of paper: build a Beta Business

Innovation from within large organisations faces an uphill struggle, constrained by legacy processes.

A Beta Business is a new venture with a challenger mindset, separate from the main business and designed to learn and grow faster than the competition.

We build, launch and grow Beta Businesses for organisations that are already transforming but need another option to stay ahead in the game.

Build something new

Transformation isn’t enough

Organisations already know they need to be quicker, lighter and better to stay ahead of the nimble startups snapping at their heels. Transformation will get you so far, but it’s difficult trying to rewrite what’s set in stone. A Beta Business works alongside your existing transformation while offering you the chance to start afresh.

It’s a business built around an experimental mindset; the ability to test and learn faster than anyone else in the market.James HaycockGeneral Manager, UK
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We’ve built Beta Businesses for global players

  • A simpler, fairer mobile service

    Three wanted to experiment with a new micro-brand strategy to target new customers. We took them from first ideas to a fully-fledged service in just six months. SMARTY has since been the highest-rated mobile network on TrustPilot and is still growing at breakneck speed.

  • Making life easier for small businesses

    Together with Santander, we developed a service to help small businesses to stay positive with expenses, invoices 
and financing. Working in a separate unit from the main business, we designed a new brand and scalable design system and launched the app live into market.

  • Unlocking the power of remote working

    The traditional business model of a facilities management company was facing pressure from the changing world of employment. We built them the competition: a remote working proposition. After global research and concept testing, we designed end-to-end service experience, the pilot and business case.

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Behind the scenes building a Beta Business with SMARTY

You’re building the businesses of tomorrow

Building new ventures is difficult. That’s why we run events for our community of leaders, all interested in figuring out how to build successful digital ventures.

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