The changing world of work

Now that many organizations are faced with an urgent need to adapt their entire operations to a remote model, we’re recognizing that many of us are facing myriad challenges more than ever.

The experience of working from home may go a little something like this: Constant video conferences. Technical difficulties. Feelings of isolation. When your entire team is suddenly online and working from home, it can be surprisingly challenging.

At Idean, we believe that working from home is something to be embraced, with a huge potential and benefits to business.

Here’s your new remote working experience

We’ve learned first-hand how to enable a digital workforce with the creative tools and mindset required to maintain organizational momentum and energy. A culture of innovation can be built from a remote network of any size.

The key lies in the experience: in creating an engaging, interactive, and inspiring digital environment for your team to come together and solve problems.

We deeply understand your team(s) and what they need to succeed now and help you get ahead of the curve in this changing landscape with your product development, team performance, or organizational output.

We'll unleash this potential in your team by running high-energy online workshops across teams and functions.

With 700 designers spread across four continents and thousands of international projects, Idean comes with over two decades of remote working experience. We can introduce you to the best practices and methods, and work with you and your tools to design the experience that’s right for your organization.

The Create From Home mindset

We transform your remote working experience by focusing on three areas:

  • Teams

    Teamwork makes the (remote) dream work. It’s crucial that people feel like they’re part of something bigger – a group, a team – rather than isolated and alone.

  • Productivity

    Focus, clarity, and efficiency. Remote operations have the potential to become unrivalled environments for productivity and cost-savings, as long as you know how to nurture it.

  • Energy

    The magic ingredient. The right energy creates engaged teams and unlocks incredible potential, taking your experience from frustrating or forgettable to something truly special.

Energize your team – three different levels of engagements

All packages include:

  • Pre-project scoping call + planning
  • Virtual collaboration and play agenda and advisory email
  • Virtual collaboration and play facilitated workshop
  • Workshop recap + high-level tips for virtual collaboration and play
  • Small – Three weeks

    Create new rituals to bring cohesion, confidence, higher morale, and energy to your 20–30 member team. Pinpoint opportunities to explore as a recharged team.


    • Comprehensive list of remote collaboration opportunities

    • Illustrations, prototypes, and implementation plan for top 3 prioritized new rituals

  • Medium – Five weeks

    Continuing team momentum, use your new remote rituals and design thinking to solve an actual business or design challenge. Includes a Home 101 digital booklet.


    • Includes all Kickstart deliverables

    • Solution and action plan for business/design challenge through remote collaboration and design thinking

  • Large – Custom, min. three months

    Now turn your team into internal champions of remote collaboration — develop and implement new ideas through self-run innovation workshops and practices.


    • Includes all Craft deliverables

    • Facilitation & Training

    • Comprehensive Create From Home plan for your team, department, or organization

    • Strategic implementation plan

The many benefits of remote work

Stats by Stanford University Study 2019, published on Inc.

Learn effective remote leadership

• Stimulate fresh ideas from teams with Design Thinking

• Reallocate savings from the lower overhead for smart investments in innovation

• Monitor productivity and health of workers – they often work more hours but can burn out faster

• Identifying growth opportunitites for your business

• Master the right tools and you’ll find once hard-to-engage key stakeholders are ac cessible again

• Save on travel costs – and reduce your company’s carbon footprint

Let’s do this

To learn more about how we can help you, let’s talk. (Remotely, of course.)

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