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Get your hands on our physical design thinking kit for the individual who enjoys the lost art of writing.

Invent Series: Design thinking is dead. Long live design thinking.

Design thinking is dead. Long live design thinking.

In 2017, design-led organizations outperformed other businesses by an average of 211%. This astonishing figure underscores the power of design thinking to boost an organization’s ability to work smarter and deliver faster.

This book is an introduction to the philosophy, framework, and tools necessary to start practicing design thinking in your business. Put together by the expert designers and strategists at Idean, it’s the result of decades of experience and thousands of successes and failures.

Invent Series Activities

Activities and worksheets

A collection of collaborative, problem-solving tools, selected for their flexibility and adaptability to a range of businesses. Download and print the activities that are best suited for you and your team, and start practicing design thinking today.

Unless stated otherwise, activities are generally recommended for groups of 5-8 people. For more information on how to use them, check out chapter 4 in Design thinking is dead. Long live design thinking.

Download all of the activities

Download A4 (PDF)
  • Customer journey canvas (40-60 mins)

    A journey map helps your team visualize the entire user journey from start to finish. It helps everyone understand the full story of how people engage with your product or service. You’ll also need: four different colors of sticky notes, markers. Download

  • How might we (30-60 mins)

    How might we (HMW) is an effective way of turning insights into questions that inspire your team to come up with creative ideas. You’ll also need: pens, sticky notes. Download

  • Empathy map (30 mins)

    A great way to sum up contextual research data and any learnings you’ve collected from and around your users. You’ll also need: four different colors of sticky notes, black markers. Download

  • Crazy eights (45 mins)

    Create several sketches quickly with this fast-paced drawing exercise. Once you’ve agreed upon the right problems to be solved, these drawings are a powerful tool for generating ideas on how to solve the problem. You’ll also need: markers, blank paper. Download

  • Hopes and Fears

    Typically used to create shared excitement and gauge attitudes about a new opportunity, project or collaborative engagement, Hopes and Fears activity provides an opportunity for your team to voice out their doubts and what they wish to accomplish before embarking on it. Download

  • Elevator pitch (20-30 mins)

    Formulating your pitch in the shape of a value proposition helps you test any assumptions you have against your users’ needs and expectations. You’ll also need: pens, blank paper. Download

  • Wish List

    A wish list helps your team understand the vision of the product or the service quickly to solve problems. Download

  • Video-Conferencing Cards

    Use these colourful cards during your remote video conferencing meetings to avoid interrupting conversations, conduct straw polls and politely nudge your meeting mates about their poor signals. How to use: Place the card in front of the camera to give a sign without interrupting the online meeting. Download

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