Designing brands in the experience economy

23andMe: Designing Great Brand Experiences

Idean, a global experience design firm, designed a coherent and emotionally engaging brand identity for 23andMe, a leading personal genetics company, by using design thinking principles. The new brand identity resulted in a 33% increase in new consumers, passing an important FDA review within a year of rebranding, and a patented visual library.

To learn how to create beautiful, engaging, and personal brand experiences, we wrote a new Guide to Designing Great Brand Experiences. In this guide we define the core elements, the process, and the benefits of using these methodologies to create meaningful, engaging experiences for your customers—from start to finish.

Download the Guide to Designing Great Brand Experiences:

Overall, it is essential that your design approach treats branding as a holistic experience. This means considering business models and multiple user touch points.Jesse Maula — Chief Design Officer, Idean