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Kids Academy

Introducing Idean’s new Digital Kids Academy!

This is the time to step into the moment. We must shift our mindset to ensure our survival. Embracing needed change means adopting new habits. Our habits embody our values, and if we want to reshape a world that reflects those values, we need to take the time and space to think deeply and share ideas about what habits we want. An entirely new set of behaviors, actions, and outcomes.

Creative thinking and problem solving are priceless qualities which nowadays everyone should develop. At a young age, children have an abundance of creativity and imagination with not a lot of social and cultural boundaries. Therefore, their ideas flow freely and limitlessly. It is important to honour imagination and nurture creativity in children.

Let’s learn from kids to think & design without boundaries. They will save the world!Wouter De ClercqHead of Studio, Idean Brussels

Design thinking and the process of creating a design inspires and nurtures creative thinking and a free-flow of ideas. It’s important to develop these skills from a young age. This is where the Design for the Planet toolkit comes in handy. You can lead an at-home or online workshop with your child, group of children or students to teach them about design, sustainability, and furthermore learn from their limitless ideas.

Nowadays, with everyone in their homes, it might be difficult to find activities for your children or students so we offer you a ready-to-go toolkit which is guaranteed to bring a smile to the kids’ faces and spark their inspiration!

The toolkit

After a process of research and development, we came up with an interactive at-home workshop for kids aged 8-13. This “Design for the Planet” workshop not only teaches children the process of design thinking and making, but can also inspire grown-ups and designers to think without boundaries. Thanks to simple instructions, this workshop can be conducted by anyone! It’s a perfect activity for when you’re out of ideas of how to spend time at home with your kid(s).

Download the toolkit

The toolkit was created by Adela Hankus at Idean Brussels. The Kids Academy project was in the context of her postgraduate Space & Service Design.

Download the toolkit and enjoy the fun and creative times with you kids!

Share what your kids came up with

Share the creations and ideas of your kids by sending them to brussels@idean.com or by sharing them on [Instagram] tagging @ideanbrussels and using the hashtag #ideankidsacademy, so that we can learn from your kids.

You can follow us on Instagram for inspiration of all the other kids designers out there!

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