Greetings from Idean Finland

Happy Women's Day!

At Idean Finland, we don’t need flowers and chocolate on Women’s Day.

We are just happy to be part of a culture, where men and women have an equal opportunity to represent expertise and leadership - every day.

We understand that not everyone is as fortunate. Women all over the world still need support to get their voices heard. As a small action, we decided to donate our flower money to Women’s Bank.

But since it is Women’s Day, we would like to celebrate it by introducing our power women at Idean Finland to you.

Who are we?

An awesome bunch of design professionals, who are passionate about our work, but also know how to have fun and celebrate, when it is the right time.

We are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty.

And we can also rock the stage to make our point heard.

We enjoy good laughs…

…and deep conversations about the state of the world.

We love to make friends…

…and we are fearlessly human.

Meet us

As it is always fun and empowering to meet and network with other like-minded people, we would like to invite you to a Ladies, Wine & Design event hosted at Idean House on Thursday 23rd April at 5:30 pm.

Save the date

More information about the event will follow.

Connect with us

Would you like to know us better? Connect with us on LinkedIn or email us directly using:

Or if you don’t know who to connect with, just hit the button below to send us a general inquiry and we will get back to you.

Email us!
  • Talent & Design Ops Director

    Iina Tolvanen

    If you are a design talent looking for new work opportunities, connect with Iina.

  • Director, E2E Development

    Minna Karvonen

    If you are a developer and would like to work with us, connect with Minna.

  • Director, Strategy & Growth

    Maria Niiniharju

    If you have a business challenge and would like to learn how we can use both strategic and tactical design to help, connect with Maria.

  • Business Development Manager

    Kaisa Seppo

    If you are struggling to find innovative solutions to upgrade the user experience of your service, connect with Kaisa.

  • Director, Culture & People Experience

    Susanna Laanikari

    If you want to know how design can be the leverage for your organization culture, connect with Susanna.

  • Senior Advisor, Strategy & Growth

    Heli Arantola

    If you want to learn more about strategic growth and sustainable business design, connect with Heli.

  • Lead Service Designer

    Elisa Pyrhönen

    If you are interested in creating a design system for your organization, connect with Elisa.

  • Service Designer

    Minna Rissanen

    If you want to learn more about planet-centric or circular design, connect with Minna.

  • Workplace & Customer Experience Manager

    Lan Le-Gävert

    If you have an event or marketing activity where you would like to partner with us, connect with Lan.

  • Head of Employee Experience

    Emma Westin

    If you are interested in working opportunities with us in general, connect with Emma.