Design more customers into your business

Does your organisation create products and services that are accessible and usable to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, background and ability?

Inclusive design allows everyone to access, use and enjoy a service experience. No matter what their situation or context.

Inclusive design is more than accessibility standards. It’s about including potential users in the design process to make your product and services not just compliant but delightful to use.

Work with us to build inclusive design into your process and to give greater support to your vulnerable and potentially excluded customers.

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Establish inclusive design as part of your process

  • Small - Inclusive design workshop

    Inclusive design makes your products better for everyone, not just vulnerable customers. We run a facilitated session using Cards for Humanity to help your teams build better products by thinking about the range of contexts in which people will be using them.

  • Medium - Inclusivity audit

    It can be hard to find a fresh perspective when you’re looking at existing products and services. We can audit a single feature, a product or a whole suite of products. You’ll leave with frameworks for using data to get a clearer picture of your customers and a practical set of actions that are guaranteed to make your business more accessible to more people, more of the time.

  • Large - Designing inclusive propositions

    We aim to design inclusivity into all of our proposition development initiatives. Our tried and tested methods ensure that we’re considering vulnerability and anxiety as part of our processes. These projects often last between 8-16 weeks and include problem definition, research, proposition definition, opportunity sizing, testing and pilot planning.

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People with impairments are not a small minority

We work with organisations to deliver value through inclusive design

  • Looking beyond the data with British Gas

    As part of our ongoing relationship with British Gas, we worked on the experience of submitting a meter reading online. The analytics highlighted a hardly-used journey which could be removed. But our inclusive design approach identified it as critical for carers and people acting on behalf of vulnerable customers. So we kept the functionality while simplifying the journey for everyone.

  • A service to help people live well

    We worked with a large insurer to redefine a service which supports their customers in times of need. Tackling low awareness and comprehension, we made sure the service meets the needs of more people, more of the time.

  • Designing out missed payments

    Credit cards are complicated and our client wanted to help customers to better understand how they work. We worked with them to redesign parts of the experience to increase comprehension and reduce unnecessary fines.

Partner with us
Inclusive design is the new 'essential' in essential services.Martin CoppackDirector, Fair By Design

Tools and resources

Cards for Humanity

Cards for Humanity is our practical tool for inclusive design. Use it to test your product, service or concept from a different perspective and welcome more diverse thinking into your teams.

Tools and resources

Design for vulnerability. Design for everyone.

What does inclusive design look like for your organisation? Get a better understanding of what people in vulnerable situations need from their digital products and services – and what additional support might look like. We created a set of rich personas and some interesting provocations based on our user research.

Make inclusive design a priority in your organisation

It’s often our intention to design more inclusive features but it’s much harder to actually push them through the funnel.

We’re creating The Universal Score: the first inclusive evaluation tool. It’ll help you prioritise your ideas against a set of inclusivity criteria, so that you can design and deliver more inclusive products and services at scale.

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