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Inclusive design: better for people, better for business

Does your organisation create products and services that work for everyone?

Inclusive design allows everyone to access, use and enjoy a service experience. No matter what their situation or context.

Inclusive design is more than accessibility standards, it’s about fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion. We can help you build inclusive design into your existing design process to make your product and services not just compliant but delightful to use.

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The Universal Score

The Universal Score is our framework for evaluating how well you are designing for inclusion and belonging. Test your product, service or journey by answering a series of questions. You will get your final Universal Score with practical recommendations to help your team make more inclusive design decisions.

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  • Small - Inclusive design workshop

    Does your team need help understanding how inclusive design can support their day-to-day decisions? Our 1 or 2-day remote workshops give you the tools and frameworks you need to embed inclusive design into the product process. Activities include: A facilitated session using Cards for Humanity to build empathy in your team for the diverse range of people who use your products and services. An exercise using The Universal Score to help teams think critically about how inclusive your decision decisions are. Building a business case for inclusive design? Choose a session to identify what’s stopping you from prioritising inclusive design and how to address those blockers.

  • Medium - Inclusivity and belonging audit

    Do your existing products and services need a fresh perspective to help you prioritise more inclusive improvements? We can audit a single feature, a product or a whole suite of products. You’ll leave with frameworks for using data to get a clearer picture of your customers and a practical set of actions that are guaranteed to make your business more accessible to more people, more of the time.

  • Large - Designing inclusive propositions

    We can help you quickly set new standards for inclusive design within your organisation, and define a clear path for how you will reach them. You will get: A deep dive into your key journeys so you can understand how to better meet the needs of vulnerable customers. A vulnerability champions framework to upskill and empower your teams to define any new tools and processes that they’ll need in order to excel as inclusion and belonging champions.

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Our work

  • Looking beyond the data with British Gas

    As part of our ongoing relationship with British Gas, we worked on the experience of submitting a meter reading online. The analytics highlighted a hardly-used journey which could be removed. But our inclusive design approach identified it as critical for carers and people acting on behalf of vulnerable customers. So we kept the functionality while simplifying the journey for everyone.

  • A service to help people live well

    We worked with a large insurer to redefine a service which supports their customers in times of need. Tackling low awareness and comprehension, we made sure the service meets the needs of more people, more of the time.

  • Designing out missed payments

    Credit cards are complicated and our client wanted to help customers to better understand how they work. We worked with them to redesign parts of the experience to increase comprehension and reduce unnecessary fines.

Partner with us
Using The Universal Score helped us make improvements to the registration journey and inspired us with ideas to design more inclusively - I would say that’s a very positive outcome!Product DesignerBritish Gas

Our resources

Cards for Humanity

Cards for Humanity is our practical tool for inclusive design. Use it to test your product, service or concept from a different perspective and welcome more diverse and empathetic thinking into your teams.

Our resources

Design for vulnerability. Design for everyone.

What does inclusive design look like for your organisation? Get a better understanding of what people in vulnerable situations need from their digital products and services – and what additional support might look like. We created a set of rich personas and some interesting provocations based on our user research.

Join the first ever inclusive design community

We’re starting to build a diverse and engaged community of inclusive design enthusiasts. Could that be you?

We want to work together to build awareness of inclusive design and drive the practice with regular meetups, problem-solving and knowledge-sharing, like suggestions on how to run workshops with Cards for Humanity and The Universal Score. Are you in? Sign up below to follow our journey and hear what’s coming next.

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