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Signature Moments

Facing our biggest fear


What do you remember from the past two decades? Think about the countless businesses you interacted with – how many come to mind, right now? I’d wager not many. They’re not relevant to you.

Businesses everywhere are becoming cosmically insignificant in the universe of their customer. It’s time to create a sense of wonder. It’s time to create signature moments.

Designing for happiness

Back in 1999, we founded Idean on a singular idea: that organizations could better serve their customers by understanding them. By designing with and for those customers, and paying attention to their needs, we could create more meaningful outcomes.

The one thing we saw repeatedly was the struggle for businesses to stay relevant. Over the next 20 years, a bigger idea started to form: what if customers could have a deeper emotion for those organizations instead? Such as trust, respect, or even love?

This all sparks from an emotion that personally and humanly connects with us as individuals. These is the power of Signature Moments.

A signature moment is a relatively small part of the experience, but it has an outsized impact.Jess LeitchHead of Studio, Idean

While design is often focused on getting a job done, signature moments tap into a much more fundamental human need: the need for joy, emotion, feeling; the desire for life, for meaning, for something more. Through the emotional connection that they establish, signature moments galvanize our values. Over time, these emotions both nurture and define the relationship people have with your business – delivering value for years, or even decades.

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Our upcoming book, In Search of Signature Moments, will journey into the heart of what makes a truly great experience – giving you the ideas, strategies, tools, and confidence necessary to start creating and defining signature moments for your organization.

Coming late fall 2020

What’s your Signature Moment?

If you could share one moment, one experience, of a product or service that has left you with a lasting emotion or memory, what would it be?