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In Search of Signature Moments

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To win the future, win their hearts

How do you build strong relationships and brand loyalty? How do you differentiate yourself? How do you get people to actually care about your brand?

The moment has arrived for an entirely new kind of thinking. Today, it all comes down to actual… experiences. Moments that are surprising, memorable, and ownable. Moments that delight customers and help forge positive and lasting connections with your brand.

We call them signature moments.

We wrote this book to help you unravel the mysteries of brand-building in the experience age. Our Idean team has provided ideas and strategies for identifying ways to differentiate your brand and build an advantage over your competition. And, we’ve gone beyond the theoretical; this book will give you practical, hands-on guidance for how to create your own powerful signature moments.

Designing for impact

While design is often focused on getting a job done, signature moments tap into a much more fundamental human need: the need for joy, emotion, feeling; the desire for life, for meaning, for something more. Through the emotional connection that they establish, signature moments galvanize our values. Over time, these emotions both nurture and define the relationship people have with your business – delivering value for years, or even decades.

A signature moment is a relatively small part of the experience, but it has an outsized impact.Jess LeitchHead of Studio, Idean

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On Thursday, December 17th, we’re hosting a digital Summit discussing how organizations design and identify signature moments in their customer journey. Experts from Usermind, IBM, Design Matter podcast, and The Royal College of Art will have a lively and compact discussion on the future of brand experiences.

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Our upcoming book, In Search of Signature Moments, will journey into the heart of what makes a truly great experience – giving you the ideas, strategies, tools, and confidence necessary to start creating and defining signature moments for your organization.

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Head of Studio

Jess Leitch

Jess is a design leader who has worked with companies to set up service design teams from scratch, to launch new products, services and businesses and to fix existing products, services and businesses. She currently leads the design practice at Idean West Coast, bringing design & strategy together. She’s spoken at Design Thinking USA about launching new businesses, the Service Design Network Conference in Dublin and Digitized in Athens.