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Guide to Designing Great Brand Experiences

We’ve worked with hundreds of brands, creating holistic brand experiences with multiple touchpoints. Through this experience, we’ve gained an expertise to meet the requirements of today’s experience economy by designing a strong brand identity. In this guide, you will learn how to design coherent, sustainable, yet personal brand experiences through design frameworks that work in any industry.

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23andMe Case Study

Idean designed the clear and recognizable brand identity for 23andMe–the leading company in personal genetics. It resulted in a significant increase in new customers and a patented library for their custom visual language. The visual language is woven into every facet 23andMe, including digital, physical, and communication elements.

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Idean helps businesses—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—create the most innovative and valuable services, products, and experiences in their industries. We specialize in customer experience, user experience, user interface, and service design.

In addition to designing and shipping cutting-edge digital products and services, we also help businesses establish world-class design programs that ignite growth and improve customer experience at an organizational level.

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