Design-led transformation starts here.

  • Spearhead Project

    Design a product or service that users love

  • Beta Business

    Design, build and launch new businesses

  • Signature Moments

    Elevate and differentiate your customer experience

  • New Ways to Work

    Create and scale a Design Thinking movement

  • Design Language

    Redesign an ecosystem of experiences holistically

Shaping the future with design

Design is a strategic tool to create bolder futures and transform businesses.

Idean assists Fortune 500 and start-ups shift the way they fundamentally conceive, collaborate, and iterate – making their culture more entrepreneurial and resilient. Together, we create products and services that make a real impact

Five Key Approaches to Ignite Growth

Spearhead Project

Idean has a long track record of designing digital products and services that users love – from incepting forward-looking concepts to delivering award-winning products and services.

By deeply understanding user needs, we help our clients reframe complex problems, capture untapped opportunities, and design valuable experiences.

With a Spearhead Project, we will showcase the value of design and its impact to your organization.

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Where to start?

A ten-week design project. We’ll work closely together through research, ideation, concepting, and design – all the while giving your team new skills and showing the value of design.

Beta Business

Lean and nimble market players are launching products and services faster than their established competitors can create a business case. A Beta Business is how you can level the playing field and become a disruptor.

By targeting growth opportunities through design and experimentation – free from the status quo – we help clients design, build and launch new digital products and services.

Why should you launch a Beta Business?

  • Respond to the market

    Every industry has its disruptors; answer them with your own. Using new technology and new operating models, you can overhaul your spending and serve new customer needs – without confusing what you already do well.

  • Create room to grow

    A beta business gives you room to try new distribution models and ways of working. Because it works as a standalone, you won’t damage your existing brand or customer base.

  • Learn fast

    When you launch faster, you get feedback faster. That’s why the lifeblood of a beta business is experimentation: try something, test something, direct the business and do it again.

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Where to start?

A ten week incubation program. We’ll jointly explore, validate and accelerate new business and digital opportunities with a high focus on customer value – setting the stage for launching a minimum viable product (MVP) and experience.

Define your Signature Moments

Every service, every product should deliver that ‘a-ha moment’ to their customer. The moment where they realize that your product or service truly works for them and meets their needs

We help clients elevate their customer experience (CX), by pinpointing where to wow people through their customer journey and turning average experiences into Signature Moments. This approach grows customer loyalty and share of wallet by nurturing customer relationships and building trust.

How can we help you define your Signature Moments?

  • Get a bird’s eye view

    To start defining your signature moments, you have to assess your customer experience as a whole. We combine qual and quant research with your KPIs (and a look at the competition) to figure out what ‘good’ looks like.

  • Mastermind a movement

    We’ll help you turn signature moments into a way of thinking that spreads across your organization: how can you make every experience momentous? We’ll create tools for you to use – like persona templates and journey maps – to instil this thinking everywhere.

  • Make it memorable

    With all of that done, you’ll be left with a set of stand-out moments that your customers remember – the kind of moments that keep them coming back.

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Where to start?

A 12-week engagement to assess your brand and experiences, research what users want and explore initial concepts.

Create a Design Language

Your brand and customer promise should shine through every customer and user interaction with your ecosystem of products and services. A Design Language is a living set of tools, training, and guidelines to deliver consistent experiences and brand messaging at scale and over time. Idean has extensive experience designing systems and reusable assets that enable you to grow confidently and can increase your design and development teams’ productivity tenfold.

Here’s how it looks

The work we did with 23andMe is a perfect example – by combining the visual iconography to physical and digital experiences, marketing, communications, and internal systems – the company has grown 400% since its implementation. And did we mention we also got the Design Library patented? Yes, this one holds value on its own.

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Where to start?

A 12-week project, where we’ll assess your whole brand across every experience. Then we’ll explore some initial routes.

New Ways to Work

When a customer-first mindset spreads within your organization, it creates better outcomes for customers and for your business.

Idean and its training arm – Idean Design Academy – enable clients build a movement of new ways of working and design thinking.

These programs result in making work more entrepreneurial, putting customers and users at the center, and breaking internal silos in day-to-day collaboration.

Showing tangible results

Our collaboration with Cisco has created a movement within the company, and through a tangible book, they now have guidelines and practical methods to show.

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Where to start?

A 12-week project together. We’ll research your organization, design a program, and create a playbook of internal best practices.

Global influence.

With a global network of 22 studios and over 700 passionate digital strategists, designers, and developers, our team blends the best of the Scandinavian design ethos and Silicon Valley mindset to deliver business value through human-centered digital design.

A strategic partner

In February 2017, we joined the Capgemini Group to deepen our strategic impact to our clients and broaden our reach. Today, we act as their digital design and innovation arm to deliver innovative services and drive digital transformation.

Outcomes over outputs.

We have a Finnish background, so we tend to get straight to the point. The same goes for how we work. We measure success by the impact we make for our customers, plain and simple. Our approach to design is lean and focuses on research, experimentation, user feedback/testing, and iterating together with clients.

Our human-centered process is well-proven, yet adaptable to the varying needs of our clients and partners. We know how to do what it takes to affect change and enable our clients to get to market successfully.

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