Adaptive Lab joins Idean

June 20, 2018

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London’s Beta Business design rebels merge with Idean

Friends – I couldn’t be more excited to share the great news: premier London design consultancy Adaptive Lab and Idean are joining forces!

Since opening our Idean London studio in 2017, we’ve been building a strong team of design experts that share our vision for bold design and impactful client outcomes. The leadership and talent at Adaptive Lab are exactly the visionary partners we’ve been looking for to take us to the next level.

We design and build products, services and Beta Businesses — that launch faster, grow quicker, and behave bolder.Adaptive Lab

Smart thinking. Brave design. Nimble build.

Founded in 2009, Adaptive Lab partners with companies looking to compete and grow in these fast moving times. They help clients launch new products and services with their nimble approach and brave design. The results are wildly successful global design transformations in international finance, tech, and telco leaders.

What’s super exciting and unique is Adaptive Lab’s quick-fire approach to designing new business incubation and acceleration: Beta Business. This rapid-exploration iterative process gives clients a bold new vision for the kind of transformation that design can accomplish. And give them the ability to respond faster to change and challenge industry norms.

I know this is a great fit for us both. With Adaptive Lab, we share the same vision for design — to create a bolder future and transform businesses, by using design as a strategic tool. We share a culture of curiosity and dedication to the design craft, and the same ambition to deliver impactful outcomes to our clients.

How Adaptive Lab is launching new futures across industries

  • Enhancing team performance with AI

  • Accelerating growth by building a Beta Business

  • Re-imagining the home mortgage process

And wow, what a year! In our first as a Capgemini company, 2017-2018 has been an exciting and productive time for Idean: opening new studios in London, Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger, expanding our design, strategy, and content capabilities worldwide with 100 amazing Ideanists, and taking home a couple of prizes along the way.

From transforming legacy technology leaders to reimagining the world of ecommerce, we continue to expand our reach and roster across continents and industries. Bringing the best minds in design together to solve today’s challenges in ways others never imagined. This London merger further solidifies our position as a UK design powerhouse.

The sky’s the limit for our global Idean and Capgemini family. Let’s give a big welcome to our new London colleagues, and I look forward to celebrating with you all soon. Kippis!

  • Welcome, Adaptive Labbers!

Risto Lähdesmäki

Risto Lähdesmäki
CEO, Idean