Backelite studios across Europe and Asia join Idean's global network

January 9, 2019

Friends – a month ago, we announced that Backelite France – and their 140 designers and technologists – are joining the Idean family.

Now, I’m thrilled to share that 11 new Backelite studios across Europe and Asia-Pacific are also joining Idean’s global network and are consolidating under the Idean brand!

Founded in 2006, Backelite is a leading service design agency that shares with Idean a common passion for human-centered design and creates cutting-edge digital products and services.

In practice, this consolidation means that around 250 designers, strategists, and technologists located in France, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, and China will operate as Idean. They are bringing their skills, passion, and expertise to the Idean network and bolstering Capgemini Invent’s strategic design arm.

Altogether, Idean is now a 700-person design agency with global coverage in 22 cities. Our new colleagues are extending our reach across Europe and Asia. We now have unparalleled geographic coverage in Europe and we’re a powerhouse in France, Scandinavia, and the UK. We also now have a foot in the most thriving Asia-Pacific design markets.

I’m excited to see us serve clients globally with a wide array of strategic and experience design and development services. We’re also bringing our world-class expertise in leading design-led transformation and creating Signature Moments to a broader, more diverse set of clients.

All in all, this move further cements Idean’s role as Capgemini Invent’s strategic design arm and makes Idean globally more relevant on the design scene.

This is an exciting milestone for Idean to start 2019 with. I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome our new colleagues. Onwards and upwards!


Risto Lähdesmäki

Risto Lähdesmäki
CEO, Idean