The inspiration for our new brand

November 6, 2017

Sometimes we become so fixated on our daily craft that we forget the importance of expressing our identity — who we are. For nearly two decades, Idean has created state-of-the-art technologies and experiences for companies of all sizes and industries across the globe. Somewhere along the way, our unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch client work distracted us from defining and displaying our own brand. After two wildly successful years full of new partnerships, studios, and clients, we decided it was time to give our brand a refresh.

Our teams around the world worked together to help (re)define the Idean brand, creating a new visual identity and new ways of communicating our mission. With countless hours spent brainstorming, reviewing twenty years of cutting-edge deliverables, and considering where we wanted to go next, we reimagined ourselves as curious, fearless, and inspiring. And with that sentiment, we’d like to welcome you to the newly launched, showcasing who we are based on the things we have done over the years.