Wunderkammer #87

October 17, 2018

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Things product teams say, the future of the UX industry, value engineering, and setting design principles

What product teams say and what they really mean

8 mins | Source: Mind The Product | By Rob B

“Let’s push this back until the next check-in so we have more to show”. “What did they go into a meeting room for?” “Our client is a ☠️, they don’t understand what we are trying to do”.

Heard these before? Big issues can lurk behind some all-too-common phrases overheard near your project space. Over the last decade, I’ve learned to catch them early and deal with them quickly. Here are 10 common ones, actionable tips included.

Got issues?

Key Experience Indicators: how to decide what to measure?

4 mins | Source: Medium | Shared by Valeria

In the past few weeks, I’ve been helping one of our clients set up a live pilot and I’ve spent lots of time with them thinking about how to measure the pilots’ success, in a nimble but effective way.

Tons of words have been written on how to effectively measure customer experience, nevertheless, you often end up with measurement frameworks that want to measure everything - but at the end give you zero insights. Thinking about Key Experience Indicators can help avoid data overload and inspire better focus on measuring things that are truly central to the experience (especially in a pilot).

Measure Experiences

A Blueprint for Happy, Human Business In The Digital Age

5 mins | Source: Jason Stockwood | Shared by Chris M

There are oodles of books on ‘how to build a modern business’ written by international management gurus or Silicon Valley legends. The author of this book, however, hails from Grimsby and has built a hugely successful UK business - many of you have probably never heard of.

It’s not a unicorn, it’s not “the Uber of” anything - this is the story of building a real-life experimental and culture powered business and provides great anecdotes and advice for how you can do the same.

Recalibrate your business

The principles behind Bulb’s design

9 mins | Source: Medium | Shared by Ieva

Everyone wants to design “usable” products, but a design principle shouldn’t have a negative opposite — unusable, in this case. On the other hand, one company could focus on direction, whilst a competitor–on flexibility and choice. Bulb shares how they arrived at their own set of design principles and the inspiration they drew on.

Where to start

The end of navel gazing

24 mins | Source: Intercom | Shared by Nick

Intercom’s VP of Product Paul Adams gives a talk that took him his whole career to write. A lot of designers believe that design, or UX, should be at the heart of their company, but it’s rarely the case and there’s a reason for it. So, what’s the value that UX brings?

The past and future of UX industry

The Copenhagen Catalog

20 mins | Source: Techfestival | Shared by Brendan

This cool project came out of Copenhagen’s Techfestival in September. It’s two things: a set of 150 guiding principles giving direction for a new wave in tech which you can sign and validate; and a bunch of really cool designs set up as posters to print out and live by.

Which one’s yours?

Design with difficult data

12 mins | Source: Design, Layout & Grids | Shared by Valeria

It’s easy (because of time, budget and sometimes, well… to avert conflict and lots of questions) to avoid designing less-than-visually-ideal cases. We’ve all seen the perfect layouts that look best at the sizes we choose for our mockups. In this article, Steve Garraty from silverorange talks about how important it is to design with data that is both real and difficult to create better, stronger designs.

Avoid Mr. Lorem Ipsum

Value engineering for outcome-based bets

8 mins | Source: Barry O’Reilly | Shared by Nick

“The problem with transformation is never a lack of ideas; it’s a lack of a change in behaviour.” A cracking post from Barry O’Reilly on how a change in approach can help companies push past their prior behaviour and beliefs.

Start unlearning today

It’s been an action-packed month for us at Idean ⚡️

Charley Pothecary in our London studio wrote about inclusive design.

Pierre-Henri, our Chief Strategy Officer in Palo Alto shared his thoughts on redefining change.

Chris Moisan wrote about making products for other people.

Meg Roberts shared her thoughts on designing words.

Jess Cheng, Jess Leitch, Charley and Daniella have been prepping for Service Design Fringe Festival in London, which we’re proudly sponsoring and giving multiple talks and workshops at.

You may also have seen our old Adaptive Lab brand orbiting the Earth somewhere in the distance. Before we said goodbye to it forever…🚀 we launched it into space. 🚀 Yes, you read that right.

Some of you had questions of what might happen to Wunderkammer. And the answer is - it’s going global! So watch this space for more awesome links from more awesome people (there’s over 300 of us now!) and more bouncy GIFs!

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